You might not expect to see the best horror films of all time. Of course, you’ll recognise certain people spitting glory in their entire pea soup, but others may have been sneaking past when you didn’t. They’re probably waiting for you to turn off the light and go to sleep. The best terrifying film exercises are ideal for terror, and even if we have had a stressful day, fictional horror can reassure. These may be Hollywood nightmares, but the most harrowing ordeals often tell survival stories. In the case of some of the following films, it’s an attempt at survival, but the thought is important.

Their findings revealed that 72 percent of people watched at least one horror film every six months, owing to excitement and fear. According to the report, “watching horror films is also an excuse for socialisation, with many people preferring to watch horror films with others rather than alone.” People were most afraid of horrors based on true events and psychological nature, according to the findings, and were much more afraid of what they could or could not see.

Here are some of the creepy yet horror movies you should watch 

The host

Creepy Yet Best Horror Movies as All Time Favourite
Source: Cinema Escapist

We were aware, but following the pandemic terror, a Zoom Call gone horribly wrong has arrived. Some friends have gathered for an online mid-lockdown, desperate to do something but fed up with endless lockdown tests – we are. In an appallingly short 56-minute run, the following is a brief, severe explosion of found adrenaline films. Host is not the first computer-generated horror film, inspiring REC, Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activity in a terrifyingly important scare. The horror film Host is not the first. Spookies, have a good time.

Saw 2014

The so-called porn genre of torture may have reignited with its (mostly) truly repulsive sequelae, but – and this is a big ‘but’ – the original saw is far from as gruesome as you think it is and turns out to be brilliant horror. Yes, the title refers to a tool that a depraved assassin suggests someone use to cut off his leg rather than use a key to unlock his cuff, but Saw is surprisingly limited. The ideas in your head are far more horrifying than what you see on the panel. Leigh Whannell and James Wan tell the storey of two men in a bathroom with a body between them in a low-budget, twisted but always intriguing way.

Shaun of the dead 

Creepy Yet Best Horror Movies as All Time Favourite
Source: Vanity Fair

Shaun the Dead is a horror film at heart, but he also plays for laughs. It adheres to Romero’s rules with a slow zombie horde and is thus a constant source of fear, tempered by brilliant comics. Their incredible reluctance. And these aren’t just throwaway characters shredded in an O-negative explosion. Because everyone is important here, every zombie encounter is also significant. Shaun of the Dead is a comedy masterpiece with a brilliant soundtrack, great performances, and more red than you can shake a cricket bat at.

Evil dead 2

Evil Dead 2 is the pinnacle of a comedy horror film. The procedures are delightfully depraved, even if  do not make you shout at your screen. Chainaws appear to be the only option, with their mouth-to-wall eyes and gore. Also, if you want something a little more laced with the word “groovy,” Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead Remake is a real thing that can get under your skin. While the grimness of Evil Dead 2 is used to make you laugh a lot and embrace the physics, Alvarez’s reboot is extremely disturbing and turns them into a complete double bill.

The Exorcist

Creepy Yet Best Horror Movies as All Time Favourite
Source: Vulture

This is a film based on the most basic of premises, unpredictable, visceral, and primal, but it induces extreme anxiety even in its most upbeat moments. In a legendary production, William Friedkin’s obsession with ‘authenticity’ meant that his actors were frozen in a chilled room and dragged physically across the sets to imitate the physical ability of the demon and, naturally, splattered with warm pea soup. You will never say that you are actively enjoying this terrible film, but rather that you are re-watching it in all its troubled glory, the terror in Friedkin’s battle of good vs. evil.

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