Counterpoint: Samsung Restores Prime Place In India As The Country Glimpses Record Smartphone Shipments

The smartphone manufacturing companies have made a record of dispatching around 53 million units in the country. This shipment occurred in this single quarter, according to the report. While comparing to another year, this is an advancement of 9% year over year. 

Following, the pandemic where everything was closed due to the lockdown imposed. The Research Analyst, Prachir Singh stated that the smartphone manufacturing companies had to go through a rough patch.

With this sale, we can conclude that the Indian smartphone market is recovering from the harsh patch which they had to go through earlier. 

Moreover, more of the population in the country opt to purchase smartphones online rather than going to the store physically. 

The Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, Xiaomi had defeated Samsung to attain the prime spot of smartphone manufacturing brand in India. This happened in 2018. 


However, as of now, Samsung retrieves its first spot as its shipments saw a surge by 32% than Q3 previous year. They have even exceeded the sale that occurred before the COVID situation. 

With these shipments, Samsung has managed to recover from the rough patch due to the COVID very rapidly. Furthermore, the e-commerce website helped a lot in online shipment and they have played a crucial act in the growth. 

The Chinese company which used to prevail in the Indian market previously has seen a downfall of around 4%. Some believe that the manufacturing restrictions is one of the causes of the downfall.

Even though the company saw the downfall, Research Analysts said that they expect to see a rise in the shipments as a result of the great demand for the Redmi 9 and higher model Redmi Note 9 series in the following quarter.


Vivo has managed to keep its third spot. The Y-series of Vivo has a very huge yearning in the Indian market. And due to this demand, the shipments have increased by 4%. 

The subsidiary company of Oppo, Realme has also observed a surge in its shipment of about 4% as a result of demand for its C-series. 

And even demand created for the Realme 6 and 7 series, the company achieved the surge in the shipment of about 52% year over year. Its parent company, Oppo has managed to hold the fifth spot and saw a surge in shipment by 30% year over year. 

Stay Tuned! More from the gadgets updates upcoming. 


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