Coronation Street’s Cathy and Brian to face huge backlash in online trolling story

Recently, Iain MacLeod, who is the producer of ITV soap, revealed that Brian and Cathy from Coronation Street would face a huge backlash in the upcoming online trolling story. In this article, we have shared the daily scoop about your favorite series, so keep reading. 

Iain MacLeod statement about Brian and Cathy in Coronation Street

Iain MacLeod revealed that it is a modern story that will play their strengths. He further said that after Cathy made some unwise decisions, she and Brian will be viciously trolled online. It will happen in a similar to Asha Alahan’s plotline. Iain also shared that the duo has a very archetypal Coronation Street couple for him.

Iain feels like if they bring them on the screen at any point in the history of Coronation Street, and they would have felt right. He also said that it not the biggest story they are doing by any stretch. However, they are planning something interesting. The show creators are preparing to tell the story about the hellstorm that can rain down if a person tries to take to the trolls and the perils of social media. 

He also said that Cathy’s online life will get threatened and will be ostracised by their friends. Iain also revealed that there would be an interesting angle for Alex in terms of online cruelty, sometimes facing disabled people when they are a part of social media.

Furthermore, the story will put Cathy and Brian’s love in the limelight after a long time. It will tell us a story about loyalty, love, and about staying together with someone who has made some terrible transgressions. The story will tell us about the transgression that can ruin somebody’s online life, but that does not mean that he or she is a bad person. It only shows a mistake someone does or says that they might regret forever.

Iain continued that this story is similar to the plot of Asha, where one makes a dubious decision over how the person is going to engage with the digital world. Later on, it can get spiraled into something that might ruin a person’s life.

Final Words

The episode of Coronation Street is going to arrive in the first quarter of 2021, so do not miss to check it out. The series airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Check back with us regularly for more updates about this series.


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