Coronation Street suspects for Adam Barlow attack revealed

The show follows the life of the residents of Weatherfield, Manchester, England. The show first premiered on 9 December 1960 making it one of the longest shows to run (60 years!). The show has got 22 seasons. You can watch the first episode here- 

The latest one hour long episode on 11 December 2020 marked the show’s sixtieth anniversary! The content of the episode did not disappoint either.

Sam Robertson’s character was attacked!

We saw Adam Barlow being hit on the back when he was inside a Bristo! It was quite tragic and we come to know who the suspects are from the show itself. Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien), Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), Carla Connor (Alison King) and Gary Windass (Mikey North) are all suspects shown. But the real attacker may not be one of them. We can not be sure.

Why Sarah Barlow?

We saw how nasty Adam turned to make her jealous. He slept with Carla! Though she (Carla) later realised her mistake and wanted to keep their one night stand a secret, she couldn’t. This betrayal might be enough for Sarah to attack Adam.

Why Carla Connor?

When her love interest, Peter, found out that she cheated on him, he went back to alcohol. This broke Carla’s heart and she knew exactly whom to blame and take revenge on- Adam.

Why Peter Barlow?

Peter is already unhinged due to his addiction. It certainly would not take him much thought to find one person to blame and attack for his condition.

Why Gary Windass?

Though Gary has nothing to do with the whole relationship drama, he does have other strong motives to attack Adam. After all, Adam was the one who killed Rick Neelam which motivated Maria Connor to kick Gary out of the house. So he is a strong suspect as well.

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