Foldable phones have taken the smartphone market to another level. A lot of new phones are coming into the market after Samsung and Huawei came with their all-new foldable phones. A lot of concept design phones are also coming. Today we are going to talk about some of such best cool phones:

Oppo X Nendo: The phone was a result of a collaboration between two companies Nendo and Oppo. Oppo is a smartphone manufacturing company while Nendo is a design brand. the phone looks like a car key. The phone has three hinges through which one can turn it. This is a very weird kind of phone but also a great one. 

TCL’s two foldable phones: TCL has shown a lot of concept phones with time at various conferences. There are two phones by the company which stole the show. First one is a single hinge phone and the other one is two hinged. Both the phones were designed to release at an affordable price range. Though they did not make it to the real market, they proved one thing that foldable phones really do not cost you that much.

Oppo X 2021: The phone is a rollable phone which is a bit larger in size as compared to the competitor ones. The phone will only be sold in China which is bad news for people from other countries. 

Xiaomi foldable phone: Xiaomi has also made it to the list with its foldable phone. The phone has been shown in a lot of videos. The phone has two folding hinges. There were a lot of rumours about the phone in 2019 but nothing came from the company later.

TCL rollable phone: TCL’s rollable phone comes with a screen which extends from 6.75 inches to 7.8 inches. The phone is made of plastic and expected to be released soon.

 Royole FlexPai 2: The Royole FlexPai is most likely to go on sale among all the phones on the list. The phone was unveiled in 2018 and it was the first available foldable phone in the market. The phone was launched in china in September 2020 and expected to launch worldwide soon.

Taking the concept phone into reality is really hard as It does not take much work to make a concept phone as compared to the real one. Let’s see which one’s come to life. What do you think is the best concept phone among all these phones?


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