Collaboration Event Between PUBG Mobile and YouTube Premium

PUBG Mobile and YouTube Premium is preparing for a partnership with Google’s popular YouTube platform.

 It was only a few hours ago that they made the official announcement. As is customary, collaborative events will be held, and fans will be keen to attend. 

Participants will get both permanent and in-game awards as a result of the event. Several further incentives will be made available in the coming days.

Check out the details for the PUBG Mobile x YouTube Premium Collaboration Event, where you may get permanent in-game goodies as well as a free three-month trial

PUBGM has a long history of enticing players with interesting Collaborations, one-of-a-kind events, and in-game awards. They just announced a collaboration with YouTube Premium in order to boost in-game engagement. Regardless, the event has begun and will last through December 28, 2021.

Collaboration Event Between PUBG Mobile and YouTube Premium
Collaboration Event Between PUBG Mobile and YouTube Premium

 Throughout the event, gamers will earn a three-month free trial on YouTube as well as permanent in-game goodies.

PUBG Mobile + YouTube Premium Collaboration Event: Receive permanent in-game items and a 3-month free trial

As a result, gamers need merely log in and begin playing. They have three months of YouTube premium access. This is a practice run. There will be several other incentives and activities in the future. As a result, gamers must take part in the event and obtain those products as soon as feasible.

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