A lot of people are facing the coin mining malware attacks are increasing at a very high rate. There was a research conducted by the security research team of Avira Protection Labs, which found that such attacks have been observed to see a really huge increase in the past.

Talking about the numbers, the coin miner malware attack increased by 53% in the last quarter of the year 2020 as compared to the previous quarter. The research team of Avira believes that the reason such attacks are increasing is because of the prices of the bitcoins increasing at a rapid rate. Criminals are looking to capitalize the interest of people in cryptocurrency.

Alexander Vukcevic, the director of Avira Protection Labs, made a statement in a press release about the issue where he said that the increase in those attacks is happening because of the price of the bitcoins getting up and the cyber criminals are trying to get advantage of the situation by exploiting illegal mining activities of people by harming their computer resources. Though there are some legitimate miners who are really in trouble.


It is a very new kind of attack where the user gets stolen without even knowing what happened. It works completely undetected, where the attacker breaks into the system and steal the bitcoins without even letting the user know about it unlike ransomware where the victim knows what is happening with him.

In the old times, the attacker used to hack the system of the victim and steal his data to blackmail him and demand ransom. In newer times, things have changed a bit where the attacker steals everything. the attackers generally do all those things stealthily and without letting the user know that they are getting stolen.

Though the price of bitcoin has fallen in the past some time when it was at a record high of $40675 per coin. Still, the attackers will continue to hack the user’s smartphone or computer to mine the bitcoin as long as possible.

If you are also into bitcoin mining, then remember that there are attackers out there, so mine safely.


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