COBRA Season 2 – Casting members, Plotline, Trailer and Release Date

Fans of fast-paced political thrillers, rejoice: we have a series for you. COBRA is back on Sky Max after an explosive first season, and the UK’s top politicians are faced with yet another disaster.

After dealing with a catastrophic plane disaster and a solar storm, Robert Sutherland and his crew are now dealing with cyber warfare and a massive coastline explosion. Find out how the UK’s top lawmakers and advisers deal with their toughest challenge yet, with difficulties in both Cabinet Office Briefing Room A and their personal lives. Everything you need to know about COBRA season 2, also known as COBRA: CYBERWAR, is right here.

When will Cobra Season 2 release?

The new six-episode series, COBRA: CYBERWAR, will be accessible in its entirety on Sky Max and NOW on October 15.

Who will be casting for Cobra Season 2?

Prime Minister Robert Sutherland is played by Robert Carlyle. During a press Q&A in season 2, Robert discussed his employment. “Obviously, a election took held, but the majority was much reduced. He requires an ally, which he finds in David Haig’s great Archie Glover-Morgan, but obviously causes a problem for Anna Marshall because the two do not even get along,” he said.

Victoria Hamilton plays Anna Marshall, the Chief of Staff. “She’s right back in the centre of things, where she wants to be,” Victoria said of Anna this season. “The human component is one of the most intriguing aspects to me. Ben also had the fortitude to write a woman who was not only going through a divorce and a major loss in the first few episodes, but was also dealing with menopause, which we believe he portrayed wonderfully. Anyone who has lived with a menopausal lady may recognise some of her less frequent outbursts.

Richard Dormer plays Fraser Walker, Head of Civil Contingencies. David Haig plays Archie Glover-Morgan, Foreign Secretary. Richard Pepple plays Joseph Obasi, Home Secretary. Marsha Thomason plays Francine Bridge, Director of Policy. Lisa Palfrey plays Eleanor James, Andrew Buchan plays Labour Party Leader Chris Edwards, Alexa Davies plays Audrey Hemmings, and Dipo Ola plays Mark Everly.

What will be Cobra Season 2 be about?

In the midst of both solar and political storms, Prime Minister Robert Sutherland attempts to lead the country back on track, with the help of his Chief of Staff Anna Marshall and a team of advisers.

An assassination, on the other hand, sets in motion a series of circumstances that might lead to a crisis much worse than the one from which the country has just escaped, with an unseen worldwide adversary focused on our destruction. Ben Richards conceived and wrote the series, which examines what happens when cyber assaults and fake news are used to undermine democracy.


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