Have you guys ever seen a twenty-five feet gigantic red color dog? If not, then today’s article will introduce all the kids to the giant dog.

The brand-new American kiddo film named “Clifford The Big Red Dog”, directed by Walt Becker, is already in the buzz. The movie is based on one children’s book series of the same name which was written by Norman Bridwell.

All the kids as well as the adults will definitely be going crazy after watching the biggest and cutest red color dog ever!

So, don’t waste the time and read out to know about the synopsis and release date of the upcoming movie.

Spoiler of Clifford The Big Red Dog.

The comedy movie shows the struggle of a gorgeous middle schooler girl living in New York, who neither fits in at home nor at school.

While her schooling, one day she met a magical animal rescuer who gave her a cute little red puppy. And as her mother is single, so she decided to set out on an adventure with her uncle for audiences to earn money for their livelihood.

As the years pass, the dog grows and grows and becomes 25 feet long which is very hilarious and attracts the attention of every person in New York City.

Many greedy people and genetics companies tried to take him from the cute girl, but both girl and her uncle together tries to protect the giant dog from greed once

Basically, the movie tries to teach us how to love big!

Comment down what more you learn from Clifford The Big Red Dog!

When will the movie air?

Initially, the movie was set for theatrical release on 17 September by Paramount Pictures but due to the Delta variant of Corona Virus, the movie was delayed.

Now, after a few months, Paramount Pictures has put the film back on the release schedule.

As per the sources, the movie will premiere on 12th November 2021 in US theatres and Paramount Pictures.

And check out the confirmation tweet by The Hollywood Reporter top up with the cute poster.


So, guys don’t waste the time and watch out the movie on 12th November, until then check out the cute trailer here,

What about Casting!

David Alan Grier will give his voice to the cute giant dog Clifford. Rest, Darby Camp will play the of a cute little girl, Elizabeth Howard, Jack Whitehall as Uncle Casey Howard, Izaac Wang as Owen Yu, John Cleese as Mr. Bridwell, and many more.

So, guys don’t forget to meet the Big Red Dog otherwise he will scare you in your dreams!

Stay tuned.


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