Chronicle sequel hints to be in production works as producers reveals the story

‘Chronicle,’ a sci-fi picture about a group of adolescents who uncover a mysterious crystal that offers them abilities, was a major surprise in 2012.’ Coming of age narrative wrapped in a found-footage style, the film marked a breakthrough for nearly everyone involved, including Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan. John Davis has not forgotten that it was also a major moneymaker for the producers.

Chronicle, which Davis produced a decade ago under his own Davis Entertainment brand, was questioned by Forbes whether Davis would ever contemplate returning to that exact superhero universe. A Chronicle sequel is in the works, Davis said in response to the film’s success.

“We invested $12 million to create Chronicle, which made $126.64 million worldwide.” It lasted a long time in broadcast. “In terms of commercial success, it’s one of my most successful pictures,” David said. “Chronicle 2 is now in production, and I am certain that it will be amazing. Meanwhile, at Fox, we’re working on it (20th Century Studios). As a result, we’ll be able to present the narrative in a new light.”

“The story will be presented in a different way,” Davis said. A ten-year gap between films is one thing we can expect from this flick. Another thing we may expect is for young women to take the lead in this field.

“As a response, we’re telling the narrative from a woman’s point of view.” Much of it will be about fake news, real news, and cover-ups.” “It’s ironic that these damaging skills will be taught to the future generation,” Davis remarked. This is the story of two young ladies who just finished college. This is a one-of-a-kind and intriguing storyline.”

Because the bulk of the main characters are dead at the end of Chronicle, a sequel seems plausible. It also makes sense to talk about the “next generation” in a franchise where the idea makes it extremely simple to brush off the events of the first film, especially in an age of deepfakes and online misinformation. It’s also fascinating that the following film would centre on young women, though it’s unclear where that sense of empowerment will take them. As you may recall, the first set of youngsters did not do well.

There’s no word on when a Chronicle sequel may be released, or even if it will make it through the development stage, but if you’re craving more from that universe, Davis has clearly heard your screams and is attempting to answer.


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