Many times, when you are reading an article, it happens that other articles in the list really interest you as you keep reading one after another. Though some of the people do have time to read them right away but many of them do not really have time for it. The solution to the problem comes with the ‘Read it Later’ feature by google through which you can save the article so that you will be able to read it later when you have time.

The company has brought the feature in the browser so that the users will not have to look for any other third-party app to do that. The feature will not only be released for the web variants only, it will also launch for Android users too which is a really great news because a huge number of the population read the news on the mobile itself.

The function will be known as Read Later which will use differently than the chrome’s normal bookmarking feature. Though it has been available for IOS users already for a long time, we are happy that it’s finally coming to android.

The feature will be easy and convenient for users where the user will be able to easily mark the article for reading it later and he can mark it as read after he has read the article. it has more user-friendly options and it will keep the bookmark links of the user separate from ‘read later’ articles.


Using the feature will be a no rocket science. All you need to do is to press and hold on the article and a pop-up menu will appear where there will be an option to save the article for later. To access those articles you have marked, just go to the bookmarks tab and there will be a folder named growing reading list where all your marked articles will be saved.

To access the feature, you will have to update your chrome to the latest version of chrome which is Chrome 90. It is currently under beta testing stage but it will be soon available on the stable version also. If you want to access it right now, download the chrome canary which is a beta testing app from Chrome where you can easily access the feature.


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