Christina Wren discusses J.P Culter’s character in L.A. Macabre

Recently, Man of Steel actress, Christina Wren talked about her character of J.P. in a cult series called L.A. Macabre. Sources reveal that she is going to play the role of a hacker who is investigating a murderous cult. Continue scrolling to find out more about Wren’s role in the new series.

What is L.A. Macabre about?

The upcoming series tells a haunting tale of three aspiring filmmakers who are trying to find out the murder mystery on camera. A hacker named J.P. Cutler helps the trio after they realize that they might be under cyberattack. The series is directed by Dan Ast and co-written by Dan Ast and Ryan Bartley. 

Christina Wren discusses about her character of J.P. Cutler in L.A. Macabre!

Wren revealed that Dan Ast approached her to play the role of J.P. She knows him through her husband, so they have been in each other’s orbit for some years. She revealed that she was very excited and happy when he asked her to play the role. Dan did not reveal the ending twist to some actors so it was a surprise to those who watched the final piece.

The things she loved while portraying the role of J.P. was just how comfortable she was in her own skin. Cutler knows her abilities, and she is extremely brave. Aside from this, she is incredibly friendly and social. She is kind of a person who can go out and make things happen for real, and that is the most favorite thing about J.P.’s character.

Wren loved the idea of a female shown as a hacker. The other thing she liked about the character is how calm she was while talking about hacking. Furthermore, Wren revealed that she had to do some research when she got her scripts and know what her character was talking about in the series. She got to learn about how computers work through her part.

In the end, she also expressed her excitement about Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League cut. Being part of his previous films, she is as jazzed up as everybody is. Snyder put all his efforts into this film so, she said that being misrepresented is a painful experience.

She thinks it would be so maddening to have a piece of your work go out without your permission. Wren is happy that Snyder is getting another opportunity to show his version of the film to the world.

Final Words

Christina did not reveal any spoilers of her series, but her character in the series seems kind of cool. If you want to watch this series, then the first two seasons of L.A. Macabre are available on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the trailer below to get a quick sneak peek into the story.

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