China Asserts That Qualcomm Has Attained Authorization To Sell The Chips To The Chinese Manufacturer, Huawei

Due to this pandemic, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Huawei was unable to develop its Kirin Chipset. They were down on a rough patch of the financial crisis. Furthermore, due to the sentiments of prohibiting Chinese products, the company had to face a huge blow. 

The Chipset developer of Huawei was only able to accept orders for chipset until 15th May 2020, stated the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu. Moreover, they had decided to cease their development of the same by 15th September 2020. 


Huawei is the second massive Smartphone Manufacturing Company. It has successfully managed to please its consumer with its products and devices. However, there is news spreading around from China that the Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer, Huawei has received good news in such tough times.

Based on the reports by 36 Krypton has revealed that the American Chipset producer, Qualcomm has been authorized to deliver to Huawei. It is also believed that this supply would only fulfill Huawei’s requirement and not to Honor.

As it is that the corporation has planned to sell the honor brand. Furthermore, the company may confirm the same in the present week. Qualcomm had ascertained that it had acquired a one-time payment of $1.8 billion from the Chinese manufacturer in its fourth Quarter of monetary summary. 

Qualcomm even revealed that the company had also requested authorization for Huawei’s supply license earlier in September 2020. However, again due to sentiments of the prohibition of Chinese products, Qualcomm had to possess a special authorization to partner with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei.


However, it is yet to be known that if or not Qualcomm has obtained the authorization to trade with Huawei. Even though it is not yet concluded if in case Qualcomm has received the license as per the reports then it will be a life-line for Huawei as its production would get on track and they would get different options rather than opting for MediaTek.


As the Chinese Manufacturer, Huawei obtains chipset from Qualcomm it may get its production going again in full-fledged, unlike during the pandemic when they were facing several issues. 

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