Child Of Kamiari Month: Guilt And Grief In Sombre Netflix Anime

Anime films can also have emotions and this fact is proven by the latest anime movie named ‘Child of Kamiari Month’. Ahead are the details of the movie.

Child Of Kamiari Month
Child Of Kamiari Month

About The Movie

The movie has been directed by Takana Shirai. The story of the movie has been written by Tetsuro Takita, Ryuta Miyake and Toshinari Shinoe. Liden Films Have produced the movie. The trailer of the movie what is released by the Netflix Anime YouTube channel on 10th December 2021. You can watch the trailer by going to the following link

The movie got released on Netflix on the 8th February 2022.

The movie is about a young girl who has in born in the month of Kamiari. This month is not good in Japan as it is said that the gods go to a particular shrine called the Izumo Shrine for matchmaking. This means that there are no gods available in this month and thus it is bad.

The girl in the movie has been named after this month. She is really sad about the fact that her name is based on something bad. But then through a curious turn of events she becomes the crucial person who has to ensure that the Items given to the gods as offerings can get to this shrine in time with the help of a dragon and her pet rabbit.

The movie really helps the younger generation to get to know the importance of religious functions. It teaches them that one should take part in religious events with enthusiasm as the things offered to gods do reach them. One only has had to have faith. The emotional angle of the movie is also good. 

The great acting of everyone involved in the movie adds to the message of the movie. It is worthwhile to mention the superb animation that has been done in the movie. Above all the movie teaches how to overcome any crisis in life by having faith.

 So, if you love animation then you should watch the movie.

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