Cherry: Upcoming Tom Holland And Russo Brothers Movie

Anything Russo Brothers creates becomes a hit. And this time, there are coming back with a new film called Cherry, which will star fan-favorite Tom Holland. Recently, some sources released its first poster, and it had a hilarious mess up. The font of the film wasn’t readable so the website re-uploaded the poster and controlled the situation.

What is Cherry based on?

Tom Holland’s Cherry is going to be the first movie directed by Russo Brothers after the Avengers Endgame. And we are happy to see them back. If you are an avid reader, then you might already know what this movie is about. The storyline of Cherry is adapted from Nico Walker’s novel, which has the same name. 

The plot will revolve around Cherry, who is a former Army Medic. The character has PTSD, and later on, he gets addicted to opioids. He gets so addicted that it affects his sanity, and it makes him do things that he shouldn’t.

Tom’s character robs banks to pay for the drugs. The film is based on the true story of Nico, who served in the Iraq War in the 2000s. He wrote this novel while he was serving his prison sentence.

What attracted Russo Brothers to Nico Walker’s story?

Recently, Russo Brothers revealed what inspired them to create a film. The brothers belong from Cleveland, and the novel is also set in the same place. The directors mentioned that many of the situations, characters, circumstances, and many other things were highly relatable to the brothers. Such things made them explore more about this film.

One thing they had experienced was where the opioid crisis and Cleveland was the major center of this. The duo’s close friends also went through the same thing. That is why the brothers were able to connect to this story and this has made it easier for them the convert it into a film. The directors also discussed with a news website, where they game tons of information about this film and their new projects. They also talked about how this film will follow around the fifteen-years lifecycle of the lead character. The film will feature some humor, some dark and horror elements as well.

Final Words

Russo Brothers’ Cherry film will arrive next year on February 26, 2021. After finding everything, we conclude that this film will be marvelous and will be running for the Academy Awards for best picture in 2021.

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