Cleveland Chamber Choir Fetes Modern Choral Master With ‘Cecilia And Her World’

The Cleveland Chamber Choir and song composer Cecilia McDowall are going to collaborate for a series of special concerts that will take place in the at two places back-to-back on two different dates. All the details about Cecilia And Her World are here as follows.

Cecilia And Her World
Cecilia And Her World

What Will Happen?

The Cleveland Chamber Choir has organized the concert named ‘Cecilia and Her World’. In the concert, the group will perform the various choir songs written by the celebrated song writer. The highlight of the event, as told by The Cleveland Chamber Choir director Scott MacPherson is going to be the latest song written by Cecilia named ‘On the Air’. He added that ‘On the Air’ was among the 9 other songs by Cecilia that the group is going to perform at the two events. The Cleveland Chamber Choir group is not going to do the concerts alone though. The choir group will be joined by four student choir groups that belong to the universities in and around Cleveland. The four choir groups are from the Youngstown State, Cleveland State, Case Western Reserve and Kent State Universities.

The When And Where

Well, the two concerts are going take place on the 26th and 27th of February 2022. On the 26th, the concert will happen at Amasa Stone Chapel, 10940 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. It will start at 7pm. Likewise on the 27th, the concert will happen at Waetjen Auditorium, 2121 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. Here the concert will start early at 5pm. There are no tickets on sale for the concerts as they are offering free entry to everyone.

So, if you live in Cleveland and have not made your weekends plan for this week yet, then do go to these two concerts. They are worth it, believe us.

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