Cashbacks for WhatsApp Payments Seen Rolling Out to Android and iPhone Beta Users in India: Complete Specifications

A new cashback deal will be available to WhatsApp Payments users soon. WhatsApp Payments offers a cashback incentive to users who use it to make UPI payments through the messaging app. This feature will reportedly be available to Android and iOS beta users in the near future, according to reports. Some payments may not be eligible for a rebate, and the cashback feature may only be available to a select group of beta testers. A release date for this feature for all WhatsApp users is still up in the air.

With WhatsApp Payments, you can now get money back. Indian follower Vipin found it and paid five different people to receive a reward. For a total of 255 rupees in cashback, each transaction earns Rs. 51 in cashback. Here, one of the user’s WhatsApp notifications offers their congratulations on winning cashback. 

This appears to be a promotional offer that will only last for a short period of time in order to encourage more people to use WhatsApp Payments. A cashback transaction’s details can be seen in full on WhatsApp Payments Settings’ History page, according to WABetaInfo.

Only a small number of beta testers have access to WhatsApp Payments cashback at this time. If your WhatsApp account is not part of the company’s promotional campaign, you will not be eligible for the cashback. 

Cashbacks for WhatsApp Payments
Cashbacks for WhatsApp Payments

What’s more, WhatsApp hasn’t revealed how users are selected to participate in the testing of this feature

 The tracker recommends using the most recent beta versions of WhatsApp on the Play Store for Android and TestFlight for iOS to increase your chances of receiving the cashback. Despite the fact that updates to the WhatsApp beta apps for Android and iOS are supposed to be backwards compatible, some users may find that the feature already exists in an older version.

For as long as each transaction costs at least one rupee, the cashback amount – Rs 51 – will remain constant, according to the information. Further information on the cashback programme terms and conditions, including whether cashbacks will be available to all users, was requested from a WhatsApp representative. With the recent addition of a number of payment stickers, WhatsApp is hoping to increase the number of people who use WhatsApp Payments. 

Cashbacks for WhatsApp Payments: Final words

Five Indian female artists worked together on the messaging app to develop the payments stickers. Various cultural expressions related to money exchange served as inspiration for these stickers.

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