Coming under the direction of Alejandro Hartmann, ‘Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?’ is an Argentinian crime docudrama based on true events that took place in the life of social activist and charity worker Maria Marta Gracia Belsunce, being one of the most contentious crime cases of Argentina.

Maria was discovered decimated in her bathtub at her home in Carmel, Pilar, and Buenos Aires on 27th October 2002.

When would it step in screens? 

The series is about to release on the 5th of November 2020. For the folks in the UK it will be unveiled at 8:00 AM according to BST (British Summer Time) and in other time zones with respective timings at different places. 

The documentary, for sure will pivot on the killing of Maria. The Minute amount of details of every prospect are about to be depicted by the docuseries.

Here is the Official Trailer of this series: –

Here’s the trailer with English subtitles: –

What happened?

Maria lived in Carmel with her husband Carlos. She was 50 then. Carlos who went to a football match with his in-laws reaches home and is shocked, finding her wife in the bathtub, with blood all around. Having seen this he contacts the hospital for aid and forms his kins. Just before her sister’s internment, Maria’s brother urged for the complete inspection. The corpse was taken for a necropsy. There are divulged a twist in the tale. 

The autopsy revealed she was shot in the head continuously five times. This all happened in the course of a bungled burglary, as assumed by her family. Carlos went for a trial being the first suspect by the police. He was set free as there was no strict evidence was found. 

For a while, it was the burning issue of the media and news. 


Maria’s story will be shared through this documentary and will be told by her husband and relatives and maybe investigators. They will try to express what happened the evening she died. There is more to find that, what in the world happened with her, which cost her life. 

Till today, after 18 years the case remains unsolved, but the plot comes with many joined dots. Make sure you also find out more about Maria Marta and Carlos by watching the ‘Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?’

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