Are you also a lover of Carey hart motorcycle stunts? If yes, let us share the amazing news with you.

Recently, Carey hart has gone under lower spine surgery. The surgery went successful And, now he is recovering from it. He thanked his beautiful wife Pink for helping him during this journey.

Well, let’s see how is he doing now.


On Thursday, the motocross star has undergone lower spine disc replacement surgery. And, on the next day, Carey took the Instagram and gave an update on his surgery.

In his Instagram post, he wrote that he feels now fine and doing good. He is grateful for the god and he feels great after being on his leg again. 

He also thanked his wife for always being with him and taking care of him as a nurse. Not only he thanked his wife but also acknowledged all the support and care of staff members of the hospital for making the surgery successful

Here is a glimpse of his Instagram post.


Carey also shared the images of the X-ray of his before and after spine back. And, said that he already started walking 3-5 steps after few hours of surgery. 

46-year-old, Carey also mentioned that he still needs to go neck surgery in two weeks. 

Well, it always remains a tough journey for Carey hart as he already has had many surgeries in his past. 

But he never loses his hope and remains positive throughout his difficult journey. He is a true example of positiveness and motivation. 

We pray for his speedy recovery and will come as a stronger person.  See you next time for more such updates.


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