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CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is best known for renowned television serials and the simplest way to be streamed with the help of an access subscription. If you are fed up with paying around $6 for a CBS subscription and now you are willing to cancel it. Then let’s put light on this upcoming article on how to cancel the subscription to CBS.

If you get access to CBS then you are eligible to watch Star Trek Picard: Discovery, the new Twilight Zone, new and some live sports. This application can be installed in any of the devices such as PC, Mobile phones, Smart Tvs, and some devices which can be used for streaming such as Firestick, Apple TV, and Roku.

The minimal charges of CBS after a 7 days trial is $5.99 per month and around $59.99 per year. If you want free downloading to watch offline then you have to pay $9.99 for a month and $99.99 for a year. 

Although if you are no more interested in paying for a CBS subscription then you can easily ask for cancelation of your subscription. Just in case if you want to use it anytime again you can sign up for a student discount program. In the Student Plan you will get a 30 days trial without paying a penny.

But what’s the actual process to cancel the access of CBS? Is it as easy as getting a subscription? If you are thinking the same then it won’t be like that. Cancellation of a subscription is not as simple as it seems to be. Whatsoever be the root of canceling the subscription, DONOTPAY is used to cancel any kind of payment either first or second time.

Cancel Your Subscription on the CBS Website

Step1: – First of all, open the CBS website in the browser of your choice. After that log in to your CBS account and select the name of your account in the top right corner of the web page.

Step2: – Click on the ‘account’ option from the drop-down menu.

Step3: – Discover the “Subscription and billing” section and click the link of “Cancel subscription”

Step4: – Now check the on-screen box for the terms and conditions for cancellation. Then click on the “yes cancel” button.

Step5: – The next step you have to do is to give a specific reason for the cancellation of access and click on the blue “Complete Cancellation” button

After all these steps your access to CBS will not be canceled permanently. It allows you to watch your preferred shows till your bill is cleared.

You can also resume your subscription by getting back to your account settings

Cancel Your Subscription on iPhone or iPad

The subscription of CBS on any iPhone and iPad can be canceled with the help of the Apple App Store.

Step1: – So, at first open “app store”. You can also use the Spotlight search feature to find the app if you are not getting to see it on the home screen.

Step2: – Click on your avatar on the top right corner in an application

Step3: – Then Click on the “Subscription” option

Step4: – Scroll down the lists of recent and expiring subscription for that click on “CBS”

Step5: – In the different options of subscription, click on the “cancel free trial” button.

Step 6: – Now your cancellation request will be approved soon. Click on the “confirm” button to cancel access to the subscription.

Now the subscription for CBS will be canceled and you can watch your favorite tv serials until your last subscription gets over.

Cancel Your Subscription on Android

CBS viewers who took the subscription before and now not willing to continue it anymore can cancel the plan of CBS by using the play store if they are using Android device.

Step1: – The best possible way to do is to search for the “Play Store” app on your smartphone

Step 2: – On the home page, Click on the Three-line menu on the top left corner of the page

Step3: – Choose the “subscription” option

Step4: – Scroll down to the list of your recent subscription and then click on “CBS”

Step5: – Discover and click on the “Cancel Subscription” link which you will get at the end of the page.

Step6: – Before canceling the subscription you will be asked for the genuine reason to be chosen for the cancellation. Once it is approved click on the “Decline to Answer” option and then click on the green “continue” button.

Step7: – At last the final step is to click on the “Cancel subscription” button and your membership will be canceled from CBS.

Now you will not be asked to pay any more for a CBS all-access subscription. So, keep watching CBS until your previous subscription gets over. Just in case if you are using any other device you can click here to find how to cancel easily.


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