Can I make Group Voice Call on Telegram Beta Version?

Telegram after you touching the 400 million monthly users mark in April this year, telegram celebrated this with a surprise for all its users. 

The company hinted about its plan to introduce a group video call feature with some more additional bug fixes by the end of 2020. After this, there was no update regarding this video call feature till the end of November. Just now there’s some confirmation from officials that the company has started testing group voice calling on different Android devices. 

How to Access Telegram Group Voice Calling in Beta Version?

To use this group voice calling feature you have to first download the latest Telegram beta version 7.3.0. Only this version because Telegram has added the group calling support for its experimental trail.

When you have updated your version to 7.3.0 there comes the question- How to access group voice call? To access this follow the steps mentioned below in the order listed. 

1. Open the group in which you want to make a group voice call, then tap on the group header.

2. After this a list will appear with notification settings, group members, and an option to rename the group. 

3. Tap on the three-line icon present on the top right corner. 

4. Lastly choose the ‘Start Voice chat’ option from the popped-up menu. 

Group Voice Calling in Telegram on Your Android device? 

As said by some users who already used this feature that the Telegram’s group voice calling is on par compared with other messaging apps.

A user says he didn’t notice any significant latency while making too many too many calls. However, at present, this feature is a bit cumbersome where you have to go through a few steps just to make a voice call.

But the company officially confirmed that at now this feature is in it’s testing phase and will come with a single button after the stable version update. 

This button will be added in the group homepage right on the top.

Well, this all about how you can access this new feature on Telegram. You can download the latest beta version ok your Android device from Microsoft app store

And for more such interesting tech updates, Stay Tuned!


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