Call the Midwife fans to point out a clever Easter egg in the series finale

Fans of the show Call the Midwife have noticed an Easter egg in the final episode of the 11th season. The fans have been actively talking about this Easter egg over social media. What have they noticed and how important it is? find that out just below.

The Easter egg

So, in the final episode of the 11th season, Call the Midwife, it is shown that Mrs. Corbett has given birth to a boy. Meanwhile, it is shown that her husband died in a train accident. The hospital, as Mrs. Corbett’s daughter comes to the hospital to visit her mother, Mrs. Corbett names her child Bobbie.

While in the mood she calls her daughter Roberta. The name Roberta is the hidden Easter egg. The name is important as it is a character in the famous book for children named The Railway Children.

Furthermore, the fans of the show have expressed their happiness at the reference. The reference has been made as the show Call the Midwife is inspired by the novel The Railway Children.

One of the main characters of the show is also part of the novel. No one was expecting that the show writer Heidi Thomas finally will add the reference of the novel in the final episode of the season. The general feeling towards this gesture Is positive. 

What else happened?

Apart from the reference in the final episode, it was shown that Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne survived the train crash that happened in the final episode.

The fans of the show were happy that the last episode ended on a happy note. If you missed the 11th season while it was aired on BBC then you can catch the entire series on the BBC iPlayer.

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