Bumper weekend at IKEA Bengaluru store: ‘Not MLAs queuing in Maharashtra’

The Swedish-founded home decor store, IKEA recently opened its door the store in Bengaluru, India. The news was announced in May 2022 and since then people were keeping an eye on their calendars for the launch date. As soon as it opened, half of the Bengaluru people flooded the store. If you want to know more, then continue reading.

Swedish-founded IKEA was fully packed with a queue on the Bumper weekend

Founded in Sweden and headquartered in Dutch, IKEA is a multinational conglomerate that is now growing its showrooms all over the globe. This company is popular for designing and selling its own ready-to-assemble furnishings.

When it launched in two places in Mumbai which are Navi Mumbai and Worli, people were more than happy. They couldn’t ask for more because they all love to stock their homes with the latest or aesthetic stuff.

After Mumbai, IKEA opened in Bengaluru on June 22, 2022. On the launch day, the newly opened store in Bengaluru noticed large crowds. The company also had kept a bumper weekend to gather more people. This was their first weekend and they opened their very first store Karnataka capital’s first retailer for the general public.

This city happens to be the third city and the 4th retail store in India which includes different retail outlets in places like Worli, Navi Mumbai, as well as Hyderabad. After opening in the three previous places in India, IKEA received a great response from the Indian customers.

Furthermore, it seems like the residents of Bengaluru and the workers of IKEA had a busy weekend. Sources say that the ready time used to be 2-3 hours and had big queues right at the doorstep of the IKEA store.

Responses of the large queue outside IKEA Bengaluru store on Twitter

First of all, here is what the company stated on its Twitter handle:

“Bengaluru, we are overwhelmed by your response. Current wait time at the Nagasandra store is 3 hours. Please plan accordingly or shop online, (sic)”

There was a huge crowd near the store which brought the attention of the Twitter users. Various tweets flooded all over the social media platform and some of the attention-grabbing tweets were hilarious. Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, which is India’s biggest commercial company, shared a tweet as well.

He related his post to the political disaster that occurred during Uddhav Thackeray’s reign in government after minister Eknath Shinde formed a rebellion. Here is what his tweet says:

“It’s not MLAs queuing in Maharashtra to form government, It’s not an immigration queue to enter our country, It’s not a vaccination queue to avoid Covid wave. It’s not pilgrims queueing in Tirupati for darshan, It’s the opening of an IKEA store in Bangalore! (sic)”, he posted.

However, big queues are not good because it causes inconvenience. So there were many tweets related to that as well. Here is what some Twitter users posted for IKEA to take into consideration:

“Dear Ikea @IKEA @IKEAIndia It is good you are in Bangalore and got a good response But you should at least take care of small children who are waiting for 3 hrs in Q,” wrote a user.


More Hilarious Reactions From Twitter Users








IKEA has officially launched in Bengaluru. However, the company must do something to make the customer’s experience smoother and faster. Waiting in a long queue is not only time-consuming for the public but also is giving a chance for the coronavirus to spread again. Stay tuned for more updates.



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