Animation is a very sweet genre of the entertainment industry. With loving and great-looking characters, the productions bring joy to our faces. Increasing this joy of animation will the recently announced Netflix film Bubble.

The movie is all set to release on Netflix. When is it released? Who all are there behind and in the movie? We have all the answers. Let’s get started then. 

About Bubble

The latest Netflix movie has been directed by Tetsuro Araki. You will know his name from ‘Attack on Titan’ as he is the director of that series too.

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Furthermore, the screenplay of the movie has been written by Gen Urobuchi, Naoko Sato, and Renji Oki. Wit Studio is behind the production of the movie, with Netflix acting as the international distributor.

Also, the trailer of the movie was released on 7th December 2021 by Netflix on their official YouTube channel.

Bubble Official Trailer

The movie will release on Netflix on 28th April 2022 followed by its theatrical release in Japan on 13th May 2022. Now, the next thing on our list is the cast details for the movie. 

Cast of Bubble

The movie is going to have 9 characters meaning 9 voice artists will be there in the movie. Thus, the movie will have:

  • Hibiki voiced by Jun Shison,
  • Uta is voiced by Riria,
  • Makoto is voiced by Alice Hirose,
  • Shin voiced by Mamoru Miyano,
  • Kai is voiced by Yuki Kaji,
  • Usagi is voiced by Sayaka Senbongi,
  • Denki Ninja is voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka,
  • Undertaker is voiced by Marina Inoue and
  • Kanto Mad Lobster is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki.

Other than these 9, no names of any other characters and their subsequent voice artists are known for now.

Thus, we believe that the 9 main cast members are the only cast members of the movie. Moving on, here are the plot details of ‘Bubble’. 

Plot of Bubble

The plot of the movie has been set in Tokyo. Due to some unknown reason, giant bubbles have started to rain all over Tokyo.

In a very short span of time, the entire city is submerged and Tokyo is cut off from the rest of humanity.

The whole city’s skyline gets changed and only the rooftops of the building remain over the water.

People interested in parkour make good use of this situation and start parkouring over the rooftops. One such parkour enthusiast is Hibiki. One day, while parkouring over the rooftops, he falls down into the water.

As he is drowning towards his death, a mysterious girl saves him and then over the course of the movie, changes his life forever. Now is this forever is good or bad, we can’t say anything about that.

After all, we definitely do not want to ruin your experience of watching the movie. 

Well, then 28th April is not far away. Get hold of a Netflix subscription if you don’t have one already and if you live in Japan, then keep an eye out for the sale of the tickets. 

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