Bridesmaids star’s new show Physical gets renewal for Season 2

Apple TV+ has already assured Rose Byrne’s will be featuring the new program Physical before its first season has even ended. In the U.S., the 10-episode dramedy launched on Apple TV+ on June 18 and the conclusion was revealed on Friday (August 6). Apple TV+ announced earlier in the week that the show would return for a second season.

Annie Weisman’s darkly humorous, poignant and bold story is a highlight of our domestic programming, according to Michelle Lee, director of domestic programming for the streamer (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“Rose Byrne’s outstanding performance was the icing on top of this multi-layered and wonderful character. People across the world have been intrigued by Sheila’s journey to personal strength, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“Physical” follows Byrne in the role of Sheila, a devoted housewife who puts her family’s needs and wants ahead of her own. As her outspoken husband (Superstore’s Rory Scovel) runs for state assembly, Sheila reveals herself to be more opinionated and sarcastic than she initially lets on.

With the advent of VHS technology, Sheila is able to parlay her newfound enthusiasm for aerobics into a thriving company. Apple TV+, like many other streaming services, does not release viewership statistics, so it’s difficult to gauge how successful the show has been. The streaming service has not yet cancelled any of its original series, despite its existence for over two years (however, some have been left pending). Apply TV+ has Physical accessible for streaming.


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