There is a new internet browser in the market named Brave which has mainly focused on customer privacy. It is the first company t9 support an InterPlanetary File System protocol. The InterPlanetary File System protocol (IPFS) is a new transport protocol system which is specifically designed to work as a storage system. the new protocol will come with a latest desktop browser version. The integration will allow the Brave browser users to let them access IPFS directly through the browser without installing any extensions.

The company announced on their blog that they had rolled out IPFS in their Brave desktop version. As users update to thar latest version of the app, they will already be able to use the decentralized web content in IPFS without having any extension installed on it.

Brave also has a blog where they wrote that they have integrated the new IPFS system where they would provide a new enhanced browsing experience to the users. the browser is not just limited to that, they will also improve the whole browsing experience.

there will be a number of benefits with the new integrated IPFS protocol. It will let users access all the sites, even the ones which are blocked in certain regions for specific reasons. It will bypass any firewall which blocks the site from going to a specific site.

A lot of users are not able to access contents as the government has restricted specific contents in specific regions. There are more than one lac sites which are blocked in Turkey region, A huge part of Wikipedia is blocked in Thailand, access to COVID-19 information is blocked in China, and there are way more than that if we talk about sites restricted in different regions of the world. The project lead of IPFS, Molly Mackinlay said that with the new brave browser everyone will be able to access those restricted sites without any problem. All they will need is a working internet connection.

The company claimed that they have got more than 24 million users and soon the numbers will increase. The founder of the company announced that they were very excited to release the new browser with such integrated protocols. The new system will help the users to access all the data around the world. The company is really looking forward to achieving more milestones in the future.

Do you like the new integrated IPFS system in the browser itself?


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