“Boycott Warner Bros”: Animaniacs Johnny Depp Controversy Explained

The first episode of Animaniacs revival has caused an outrage among the viewers. The Hulu series showcased a scene which was aimed at Johnny Depp, and now many viewers are calling for a boycott of Warner Bros. The original Animaniacs landed on Fox Kids and Kids’ WB from 1993 to 1998. And recently, the first season of the show got revived on Hulu. You can watch the video below.

Details ABout Animaniacs First Episode

The series is advertised as a children’s cartoon, but some scenes of Animaniacs include adult humor too. Most of the episodes contain musical numbers as well as comedy sketches. The first episode of the revival series had a rapid-fire musical number, which joked about Depp’s expense, and since then, it has created a rage among the viewers.

In a track named Reboot It, the lead characters Dot, Wakko, and Yakko mocked at numerous reboots in recent years, and it referred to series like That’s So Raven, X-Files, and Gilmore Girls. This series has been rebooted and revived in some form.

The first episode became controversial because it showed a poster of cartoon Johnny Depp. The title of the film was Johnny 2: Telling Lies, and it also had his full name on it. After watching the joke in the first episode, Depp’s fans became angry and defended Depp. 

They also took to their social media accounts and decided to come together and boycott Warner Bros. Recently, the production studio also made Depp resign from his role in Fantastic Beasts 3. You can check out an Instagram post from Depp’s angry fan below.


Depp’s supporters stood for him and stated that the joke in Animaniacs was inappropriate. They also added that the actor is the survivor of the domestic abuse, and he is also lost the libel case against The Sun, which called him wife beater. After three weeks, the revival series aired on Hulu. Depp’s fans were not happy that Animaniacs took shots at the actor even after looking at his current situation. The actor’s professional life and personal life have already gone down the drain.

Many people are saying that episodes of the revival series were shot in 2018. So it could be possible that the animation of Depp’s episode was done after The Sun article got published, and it did not have to do anything with his lost case. In short, this could all be a coincidence.

Final Words

Johnny Depp has lost two major roles in both Fantastic Beasts 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean. So his fans decided to come together and signed petitions to reinstate him in both the franchises. Luckily, the petitions have crossed more than a thousand signatures. 

Moreover, those signees are calling out openly to Boycott Warner Bros. after airing the inappropriate episode in Animaniacs. Stay tuned for more updates.


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