Book Of Love On Amazon, A Goofy Rom-Com Starring Sam Claflin As An Uptight Romance Writer: Stream It Or Skip It:

When an author’s book becomes famous, it is usually a great thing. But if a translation of a book gets famous overnight, things can never go right. This thing is proved in the movie ‘Book of Love’. Ahead we will talk about the movie in brief.

Book Of Love

The movie is about a new author who has recently published his new book in UK. The book turns out to be very bad and the sales of the book are next to nothing. Amid this disaster, the author gets word that his book has become a bestseller in Mexico. Overwhelmed and puzzled at the same time, the author goes to Mexico to enjoy the success of his book.

Book Of Love On Amazon
Book Of Love On Amazon

In Mexico, he realizes that his book has been altered for good by a translator who is a single mother as well. Well, he enjoys the fame the translated version of the book brings to him in Mexico. Things start to a little out of hand as well, but he enjoys it. The real trouble comes when the translator suggests that the translated version be re-released in the UK.

The author knows that the translated book is a bit too much for the readers of the UK. So together with the translator, they write the book a third time, and this time the book clicks in the UK as well.

Sam Claflin as the author and Veronica Echegui as the single mother work just fine. They both give their best with natural acting and comic timing. The rest of the cast also does a marvelous job. So, if you want a crazy mix of love and boundless comedy, then definitely stream ‘Book of Love’ on Amazon Prime.

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