Boba Fett’ series release date, cast, trailer for the ‘Mandalorian’ spinoff show

As we all know that Boba Fett made his epic comeback in the Star Wars series- “The Mandelorian”. but what only some people know is that Boba Fett might be getting his own series and setting the stage on fire.


Stay alert!

During the ‘chapter 9: The Marshall’ Cobb Vanth made a deal with Din Djarin to hand over the Boba Fett’s armour in return for helping him in killing the Krayt Dragon, a sand creature.

Just when Mando leaves the Tatooine, we see a person standing and watching over them, it is revealed to be boba himself, who survived the sarlacc pit.   

Now let’s take a look at the information we have now of the Boba Fett series!

Let’s wait till then! 

Release Date

The series don’t have a release date till now but we know that the shooting of the series starts during November or December. Also, we still don’t have any account on the Mandelorian season 3. 

So, we might expect the series to be launched in 2021.


Well, we don’t have any information on anything related to Boba Fett’s storyline but we might expect to see how Boba survived the Pit fall.

Till we know about more information, stick to our page!

Here is the short clip having some interesting facts about the series. 


Excited to know the cast?

It is likely to see Morrison as the starting cast. Just like the plot, we don’t have any information on the casting of this series. But we might see some of the actors from ‘The Mandalorian’, but we can only sit back and wait for Disney to do all the work.

Any trailer or teaser for the series?

No, there isn’t any trailer or teaser of the series but we concluded the series’ release by the facts that have been given to us by the former boss of Disney Bob Iger that some of the characters might get their own shows or series.

That is all the information that we know for now, but for the rest of the time we can only sit back and wait. Till then, keep visiting and get all updates and information related to movies and web series in your inbox!  


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