Blooket – How To Play Guide for Teachers and Students

With the remarkable emergence of online tools and websites such as Kahoot!, Blooket, Gimkit, and others, educational techniques have been altered. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at Blooket play, a free web-based learning platform featuring games, and how to use and enjoy it.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is the most recent update to the breakthrough game-based learning idea that instructors and students are using. It is a free website that focuses on providing an alternate and exciting way of learning through a wide variety of classroom activities in which students are rewarded for answering properly. 

Tom Stewart and Ben Stewart built this entertaining online education platform with the goal of making education and learning memorable.

It allows teachers to generate “sets” of questions on any topic, as well as use “sets” created by other teachers. Each set of questions may be utilized to host a variety of activities for students to participate in.

Why should you use Blooket? Its Key features

Booklet Key Features
Booklet Key Features

Blooket is a fun experience for both teachers and students. It’s similar to a game for kids, except instead of raising their scores, it develops their cognitive skills.

Keeping this use of Blooket in mind, the key features of blooket/play are explained below:


Blooks are cute avatars, who make the game more fun and challenging.These character avatars are miniature animals or humans that serve as symbols, foes, guests, and methods of defeating the adversary. Blook classifications range from common to Mystical, which are the rarest.

A Secure Learning Environment

Blooket Game Code is a web software that teaches current programming languages to children and teens. This secure learning environment allows children to build abilities that may one day lead to high-paying careers while also bolstering knowledge that they will utilize on a daily basis. Blooket Game Code is popular among teachers because it makes learning enjoyable for students of all ages and levels, making it ideal for early childhood education and college curricula.

Glitches Or Power-Ups

The enjoyable arcade games in Blooket include a range of game types; some of which are similar to typical trivia games, while others enable glitches or power-ups of the strategic game piece. 

Blooket games are more enjoyable when you can earn tokens, cash, and spend coins. Some Blooket games enable students to purchase glitches to enhance their blooks; they may also sell them. Tower Defense is such a game where picking the perfect look and strategically positioning it on the map might help players win.

Save Games

Blooket saves game progress automatically.

When you select a game in game mode, you have the option of loading a previously saved game or starting a new one. Load game option will take the player to all of the saved games. 

You may also load a saved game or input the game id for a hosted game from the Blooket Play tab. Blooket Play displays all games you’ve played, and not simply the saved games of a certain game.

Reuse Question Sets

Teachers are not required to generate a fresh set of questions for each game. Teachers can maintain student interest by having them answer questions from the same set while playing various game modes. 

If some games keep students engaged for extended periods of time, teachers can host the same game type with alternative question sets.

Interactive Platform:

The blooket game’s engagement not only captivates pupils but also reinforces each lesson. As a consequence, students may interact with educational subjects on a deeper level while still having fun while learning.

Because their senses are activated and their brains are fully engaged through physical exercise, kids become extremely responsive to learning during each session. This offers an ideal setting for youngsters to engage in creative thinking and inventive processes that foster a love for learning.

How does Blooket Work For Students And Teachers?

Blooket is a web-based educational application that allows teachers to design customized sessions for their pupils.

The main steps are simple and clear: 

  • Students may pick from a number of unique learning game modes, such as periodic and event game modes that are only available for a limited time. 
  • Similar to Kahoot, teachers may conduct live games in the classroom on a huge screen, and students can easily join the game using the Game ID supplied by the teacher, allowing them to submit their homework or responses using their own devices.
  • Teachers can not only design their own question sets to assess students’ understanding, but they can also transfer them utilizing converter tools. Additionally, the Blooket library can assist teachers in locating their chosen question sets. 
  • During the play session, students can review past content and look for new knowledge, in addition to answering teacher-made examinations.
  • Apart from that, teachers may utilize Blooket to assess students’ progress using precise score insights and question analysis. This will assist them in determining the degree of student achievement and which areas require more attention.

Is Blooket/play Good for Learning?

Yes, Blooket is not only entertaining; it is also extremely useful for learning. By combining memorable experiences with instructional content, kids learn without even realizing it. Students are encouraged to play games that offer prizes for responding to questions and experimenting with new ways of learning.

The game’s pace and competitive nature motivate pupils to answer questions frequently, which leads to efficient fact drilling. Group gaming elements like auto-generating groups and randomizing points are excellent for classroom administration.

How to Use Blooket Play Online Games

Blooklet login
Blooket login

Blooket is incredibly simple for kids to utilize anywhere. Students can play the games without making an account. Although registering and having an account is always preferable. Follow the steps given below to play a game on Blooket:

  • Select a Question Set

You’ll have the right set of questions for your class whether you design your own question set, import one using Blooket’s converter tools, or locate one in its Discover database.

  • Select a Game Mode

There is always a selection of innovative game options to pick from that will keep pupils interested. Also, keep a watch out for limited-time periodic and event modes.

  • Host & Join

A teacher just hosts a game in front of the class on a huge screen, and students participate and play on their own devices using the Game ID.

  • Play to Review

Students will not only have a good time during a gaming session, but they will also be responding to questions to review the topics covered in class.

  • Analyze the Results

Teachers may readily see how their students perform and focus on areas that need to be reviewed again using comprehensive score reports and question analysis.

Is Blooket better than Kahoot?

Blooket outperforms Kahoot in many ways for children.

  • The first and most important reason is that Blooket offers considerably more games than Kahoot to boost student involvement.
  • Blooket allows students to choose avatars or animals to represent them once they input their code to access the game. This is one of the main reasons students love it so much.
  • Furthermore, blooket does not require students to create accounts, but they can do so if they want at

Blooket vs Kahoot: which is better?

  • While Kahoot has a limited amount of games to pick from that begin to bore children after a few repetitions, students can find a variety of games on Blooket that are more fascinating and successful in attracting players’ attention while also decreasing boredom.
  • The blooket gamified learning platform is regularly provided with new games every three months. Kahoot, on the other hand, offers four or five game variants to choose from, including a traditional game style that appears similar to Blooket’s classic game mode.
  • Blooket has sets that can be played by others, but Kahoot does not.
  • Blooket allows users from other platforms to import their question sets into Blooket by transferring them. Kahoots, on the other hand, demand starting fresh and manually inputting all of the answer choices.
  • Blooket offers a “Market Feature” that awards currency or tokens for playing games, but Kahoot has basic, straightforward game options that do not reward anything, making it a boring and conventional game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are blooks in blooket?

Blooks are entertaining tiny learning boxes that children will enjoy playing with. It’s similar to avatars, which users may buy and modify while playing a game mode. Blooks represent players. There are more than nine legendary blooks.

2. How do you play the game Blooket?

Blooket is incredibly simple for kids to utilize anywhere. Students can play the games without making an account. Although registering and maintaining an account is always preferable.

Students just need to enter the Game ID for the game or assignment to join a game hosted by their professors. They can also include a username and profile picture.

3. How do you host a Blooket game?

If you decide to host a game, the students will all be participating in the game at the same time, resulting in a group gaming session. This is essentially Blooket live, where you can design competitive games and simply track student involvement. You may choose whether this game is played individually or in groups. 

You may customize the game by permitting late arrivals, randomizing student names, and limiting the number of questions. Students may play hosted games on their cell phones or laptops by downloading the Blooket app.

4. How do you join a Blooket game?

Students may participate in the fun by going to the Blooket website and inputting the code provided by their tutors.

Each player will have their own progress meter. Certain modes, however, allow you to play in groups. To participate in a Blooket session, you must have a Game ID. As a result, it is advised that you sign in ahead of time.

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