Bloodborne 60 FPS Patch To Be Released If Sony Doesn’t Update It For PS5.

Bloodborne could soon be patched to run at 60 FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro, thanks to one dedicated Australian fan. Bloodborne is also recently confirmed to be arriving at Sony’s PlayStation 5 as part of the fantastic PlayStation Plus Collection, leaving the question of just how well the game will run on the new console without an actual remastering.

Bloodborne is a distant experience set in a Gothic apocalypse, wherein players must face a torrent of increasingly difficult enemies, and ruthless boss battles, both staples of the Souls experience many players have come to revere. While the difficulty of the game initially turns many off, those who persevere are in for a rewarding experience. The vast amount of skill and dedication needed to beat Bloodborne has fascinated an enormous number of dedicated fans, with more sure to find this Sony-exclusive title when the PS5 launches later this year.

As reported by Kotaku, Melbourne-based developer Lance McDonald has maintained to force Bloodborne into efficiently running at 60 frames per second, something not even from Software can do. McDonald says that he plans on launching the patch that boosts the game’s frame rate publicly only after the PS5 has been established. However, it will still only be available to the people with a fair amount of technical know-how, with the patch requiring a PS4 Pro capable of running unsigned code.

This fan-made patch has been known as the Bloodborne community for recent times now, with McDonald having spent roughly two years disassembling the title in his own time. The new frames can create some issues with how the game runs, with occasional animations unable to keep up with the added shelves and seeming to move unnaturally. Also, having the extra level of responsiveness in combat is a massive improvement, allowing players to get an edge over various tedious fights with more effortless control.

McDonald has been trifling around with From Software titles for some time now. Many of his recent tweets showcase the developer’s skills in digging deeper into the hidden caches of code within the Japanese tags, finding extended lost functions and the remnants of content long cut from the finished games. McDonald has been responsible for finding several hidden enemies in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, showcasing both his skill as a modder and some of From Software’s development procedure. Modders like McDonald often offer the only window into content that didn’t quite cut released games, meaning they offer the gaming community a lot more than just better-looking games.


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