Bling Empire which was released on Netflix was well received by the netizens. Season 1 premiered on the 15th of January, 2021 receiving a rating of 5.8 from the IMDb. There is news about the release of season 2 and it is confirmed for the renewal of season 2 of Bling Empire. 

This American television reality show has a great story. Many fans and viewers are looking for the next edition of this show and must say that this show should be on your watch list!!


The first season of the “Bling Empire” series focused on the experiences of elite East Asian American cultures in the Los Angeles area. Its first season was packed with drama, glamour, and other elements. The first season gives us a taste of Los Angeles’ mega-rich Asian socialites, who are as wealthy as they are engaging.

Renewed or not?

There is good news for all the enthusiasts of this reality television series- it is confirmed that Bling Empire will be renewed for season 2. And according to the intel gathered so far, it seems that it will be out for viewing by the 13th of May, 2022. Netflix subscribers can watch it whenever and wherever they choose. With the first section compressed, the play will be more engaging. There’s also the positive thing that the series will consist of eight episodes, each lasting 40 minutes. 

The cast

 We all know that the crew members of production play a huge role in the making of the series a success. What we can gather so far was that there is an addition of new members in season 2 of Bling Empire with some of the previous casts of season 1 returning in the new season. Let us look into some of the confirmed members of season 2 of Bling Empire!!

  • Kevin Taejon Kreider
  • Kane Lim
  • Christine Chiu
  • Gabriel Chiu
  • Cherie Chan
  • Kelly Mi Li
  • Jessy Lee
  • Kim Lee
  • Andrew Gray

The plausible plot

To make up conjectures of the coming season 2, it is important to know about the previous season’s information and the content. We will highlight a bit for you all but also recommend that you watch season 1 of Bling Empire. 

When Anna welcomes Christine to her mansion, everything goes smoothly. When Christine expresses doubt about individuals who did not have as much as Anna did, there is an uproar. Christine is also dealing with a lot of grief following the death of her mother. When Kane went to meet Christine, the Bling Empire reality star sobbed and told him about her mother’s death. 

They try to comprehend each other through their further talk, and criticism can be found in their conversations.

It was one of the reasons that a new season is coming as the drama was not enough for the viewers so requested a new season. 

So now we must watch how Anna and Christine will communicate. We’re also looking forward to seeing how Cherie and Jessy’s wedding is handled. It will also be intriguing to see what will be new in the upcoming season.

Where can you watch it?

As previously mentioned, it is released by Netflix. So far, Netflix is the only platform where you can watch season 2 of Bling Empire. It will be convenient for registered users of Netflix. 


As the renewal and the release date are confirmed, the trailer is also out for the fans. Here we present to you the trailer of season 2!

So, that’s all for today’s insights and we hope that you got to know some good news from here as well. Do you think there is a possibility of another surprise in the plot of season 2 for the viewers by the creators?


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