There is another milestone that technology has achieved. A 78 years old blind man has regained his eyesight after receiving the world’s first ever synthetic cornea implant. That is not less than one of the greatest milestones for technology.

The news came from Islaeli news outlets named Israel Hayom. A 78 old man who was blind, got into surgery for a synthetic cornea implant and the patient was able to recognize his family and he was even able to read the number also after the surgery. The man was the recipient for the synthetic cornea implant which was developed by a company named CorNeat.

The implant is the world’s first cornea implant which integrated a synthetic product into the eye walls to replace the damaged corneas. Cornea is basically a clear layer which protects the front of the eyes. corneal degeneration is a common problem in the age group of more than 60 years of people and such problems can sometimes lead to a lot of diseases and sometimes, even physical trauma.

Though there are other measures also to help someone regain his eyesight. There are artificial cornea implants which really involve a complex process and considered a last resort because it is only used when nothing else works. Talking about the KPro implant which helped the old man, it is a much simpler process which involves some stitches and cutting which will show some visible signs of operation.

The company claimed that they use a biomimetic material in their operation which generally integrates with the patient’s existing eye tissues over time.

Another Co-founder of the company, Dr. Gilad Litvin said that it was really an emotional moment for them to successfully complete the surgery and help the old man get his vision back. The company has really worked hard for achieving that success and they ultimately achieved it.

The company has announced that they will be operating ten more patients to make sure that they have made the suitable product. After the tests finishes, the procedure will be made available to other countries also like the UK, France, Netherlands, etc.


There is a video game named Cyberpunk 77 where the player gets the option to upgrade their body by implanting superhuman-like abilities. There is a scene in the game where the player goes to a doctor and a doctor implants a cybernetic eye implant after which the player gets an integrated HUD to interpret the surroundings.

Though such technology might take a really long time to come in reality, we are really happy with the operation by the company. It has also given hope to a lot of people who could not see.


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