Black Panther 2 With The Absence Of Chadwick Boseman: The Next Hated Villain

The unfortunate demise of Chadwick Boseman has twisted the plans of shootings into upside down.

It is unimaginable for the audience to accept Blank Panther 2 without the presence of our beloved actor Chadwick Boseman.

The crew did not want any new actor to take up this role so the maker of the film changed the plot. It will be a story where the actions begin with the death of the legendary hero of Wakanda. But even this idea was changed.

Recreation of Chadwick Boseman:

Later the team has come up with the new idea where, the movie will begin with a tough battle.    

Here, Chadwick Boseman will be recreated by CGI. The script has been made in such a way that the legendary hero gets defeated under the hands of a new villain.

Most hated Villain: 

The maker of this film is in search of a new villain to compete the avenger in Black Panther 2 thereby the character becomes the most hated villain in the Marvel cinematic universe. This being the reason Namor or Doctor Doom have been side-lined and they are not given such villainic roles and not the reason for hero’s death.

Letitia Wright’s Shuri ( T’challa’s sister) is the new black panther.

Mexico actor Tenoch Huerta is about to join as the new villain.

As of now no official announcement has been given on what role he will be playing, but for sure he will be the major reason for the death of T’challa.

Commencement of movie:

It’s been informed that Black Panther 2 will begin its shoot probably in July 2021, and continuous for at least six months period.

Release of the movie:

Just been announced that the audience can expect the movie in April 29 2022.

Until then, stay tuned with us for more updates.


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