Black Clover Movie Release Date Set for 2023 | Official Teaser Trailer is Here!

The highly popular Anime series Black Clover has finally announced the release date of its movie version. Now if you do not know anything about the anime series, then let us help.

Here, we will be sharing the details about the anime series followed by all the available details about the movie. First up then is the anime series.

Black Clover anime

The anime was directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and Ayataka Tanemura. They completed the first season with help form Pierrot Studio.

Furthermore, the first season premiered on 3rd October 2017 on TXN TV Channel of Japan. After that 3 more seasons of the anime were made till 2021. The entire anime collection has a total of 170 episodes.

Now, let’s now focus on the movie!

Black Clover movie

The movie of the anime series was announced on 28th March 2021. The announcement was made by the original creators of the manga series of the same name. The manga creators are the Shueisha publishers with Yuki Tabata being the chief writer since the beginning.

Right now, the director, the screenplay writer(s) for the movie are unknown as are the production companies. So, far only a teaser trailer has been released. it was released on 13th March 2022 on the Jump Comics Channel YouTube channel.

From this teaser trailer, the release year of the movie can be known which is 2023. When exactly in 2023? No one knows. Now the movie is going to have a lengthy release schedule. Take a look at it next. 

Release schedule of the movie

As reported by trusted sources, the movie is first going to release in the theatres in Japan in 2023. Then the movie will make its way to the theatres around the world with at last arriving at an unknown OTT service.

Assuming that the movie releases in Japan at the beginning of 2023, then in the rest of the world, it should arrive by the middle of 2023 and at the OTT service at the end of 2023. We are almost done with the movie. Only a handful of extra details remain. 

Extra details

The details like the plot and cast of the movie are being kept a guarded secret for the time being. No one exactly knows why this thing is being done. Maybe it is being done to increase the hype about the movie.

People are speculating though that the anime cast will be featured in the movie and that the plot of the movie will start the story from the point where the last season of the anime series left it.

The other important detail is that even though the Black Clover series of anime and manga is almost now 7 years old, this is the first movie that is being made for the franchise.

Well, we are sure that the fans of the anime and manga series are going to love the movie along with causal anime movie lovers. 

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