Intel To Enter Bitcoin Mining Market With Energy-Efficient Gpu

One of the biggest chip making company Intel is going to enter the Bitcoin mining market with a GPU that they are developing. Following are details about this new chip and their reason behind this project.

Bitcoin mining market
Bitcoin mining market

About The Chip

As explained by Raja Koduri, the General Manager for Graphics at Intel, the company is working on making a GPU that will be an ASIC chip. He explained that this particular chip is being made for only mining bitcoins. He has claimed that the GPU made out of this chip will be able to perform 1000 times better than the best GPU available in the market right now.

He said that the GPU is being designed only for SHA-526 algorithm. This is the particular algorithm which is used in Bitcoin mining only. He further said that this GPU will be ultra-low on energy consumption.

He further added that a dedicated Custom Compute Group is being put together to make this specific GPU. These announcements were made by Raja on 11th February 2022. He said that Intel will be revealing this GPU most probably at the ISSCC Technology conference which is scheduled to take place from 20th February 2022 to 28th February 2022.

Raja also confirmed that Griid Infrastructure and Argo Blockchain are the first customers for this piece of technology. He expressed his excitement on the fact that the GPU is being made with only a small piece of silicon. In this way the company will be using the minimal materials to make the GPU which in turn will make it even better and greener product.

It is being predicted that with the introduction of this new Intel GPU, the Bitcoin mining industry will change dramatically and will start to get greener as it will not use a large amount of energy as it is doing presently.

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