Bicchoo Ka Khel: Check Out Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Want to see more of Mirzapur star, Divyendu Sharma? Then do not forget to add Bichoo Ka Khel to your watchlist now. 

He played an exceptional role in the second season of Mirzapur, and now he is all set to play a different character in new series.

 If you are planning to watch this series now, then you can stream it on the Zee5 and AltBalaji.

The series has already gained popularity among viewers, and they are anticipatedly waiting for it. What else? 

The trailer of Bicchoo Ka Khel has already dropped on the internet, and after watching it for the first time, we found it adventurous. We can judge that there will be a lot of twists and turns, thrill, emotions, drama, and romance. Yes, you will get a chance to see all these things in this one web series.

People are enjoying the first look of Bicchoo Ka Khel because it tells a story that connects very well with the viewers. So the viewers are attracted to the plotline and also to Divyendu Sharma.

Bicchoo Ka Khel Release Date: When will it release?

Bicchoo Ka Khel season 1 will be available on the digital platform from November 2020. So only a few days are left for its arrival. The web series is produced by Abhishek Chauhan and directed by Ashish R Shukla. 

Bicchoo Ka Khel Cast: Who’s in it? 

The main cast of Bicchoo Ka Khel is Divyendu Sharma as Akhil Shrivastav, Gagan Anand as Rajveer, and Abhinav Anand, Satyajit Sharma as Anil Chaubey, Mukul Chadda as Babu, Anshul Chauhan as Rashmi Chaubey, Rajesh Sharma as Mukesh Chaubey, as well as Trishna Mukharjee as Protima. 

Bicchoo Ka Khel Trailer

The exciting trailer of Bicchoo Ka Khel is out now. You can watch the excellent trailer below. Once you watch the trailer, we are sure that it will encourage you to check out this web series.

In the clip, we saw cops interrogating Divyendu Sharma’s Akhil Shrivastav in respect of any murder case. We also saw that he is avenging his father’s death, who was in police custody. We can also see a flashback where this lead character tells the reason why he wants to do the crime. Then, the teaser ends with Akhil’s last statement.

Bicchoo Ka Khel Plot

The plot of Bicchoo Ka Khel will revolve around a writer named Akhil Shrivastav, who lost his dad. Sources reveal that the web series would be set in Banaras, UP. Akhil’s father died because the cops covered up an unfortunate incident. That is why he decides to avenge his father’s death and kills many people.


It will be interesting to see this upcoming crime and political series. Many viewers are comparing Bicchoo ka Khel with Mirzapur, and it is because the series has the same actor, that is Divyendu Sharma. We hope his new series gains popularity like Mirzapur. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

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