WordPress consist of a really large number of plugins and new users really find it very difficult to find a good done for them

In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the best social media plugins that are available on WordPress. 


Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed – the smash balloon social photo feed is a plugin which will allow you to show you Instagram images on WhatsApp in a very attractive manner. All you need to do is to just generate an access token from your Instagram and you are in. You will be able to use the short codes which will be available for you to show your insta feed on WordPress.

Shared Count – Share count is also another social media plugin on WordPress where you can connect multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This plugin will show the social media counts from each of the platforms.

Sassy Social Share – It is another social media plugin which you can use to post contents on the platform in no time. It will also provide the share count feature also. 

Addtoany – the plugin will provide a sharing bar with a sharing menu to share the posts, photos and videos on social media. It will also show social share count directly with Google Analytics Integration. 

WordPress to Buffer – WordPress to Buffer is a very cool plugin through which you can schedule your posts. You can schedule your post for later on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  

Simple Social Icons – As just the name suggests, it is a sidebar widget where you will be able to find the small icons of your favourite social media apps and you can just directly move to the site on a single click. However, it does not have a really large number of apps available so you will get only a few apps to add.

Revive Old Posts – Many a times you feel like posting an old photo back a throwback to good old times. But as it is a really old photo, you have to look for it in history. But with this plugin it will be a piece of cake for you. The plugin will allow you to automatically share your old photos on the app.

So, which one of the above-mentioned plugins did you like most?


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