Best Smart Home Apps For Your Devices

Advances in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence made it possible to minimize manual household chores. With the help of new innovative home products, you can cook delicious toast, heat a thermos to the right temperature, and turn on the oven for dinner without leaving your room. In addition, you can manage advanced security systems, making your home a fortress. You only need a smartphone and a few of the best smart home apps to do this. Below you will find an overview of apps that will help create smart houses that are more automated, cozy, and manageable.

Lily – Plant Identification

Many people strive to make their homes more environmentally friendly but do not know anything about the peculiarities of their climate and continent. As a result, the question “what is the best plant identifier app” that doesn’t take up much memory” pops up in the Google search engine. Without exaggeration, Lily App is the best innovative technology that will allow you to furnish your home with plants in no time.

This app for plant identification by picture can quickly provide information about the geography of the plant, care, and appearance history. You can form the plants you like into a collection. So you will save a lot of time when you come to the flower shop because you will know which plant will suit your home.

Another feature of the Lily App is the fight against the extinction of plants. In the app, you can set up a notification function about the obligatory care of the plant. The system will remind you when to water a flower or tree. Also, you can combine the platform with automatic watering. Having received a notification about the need to water the plants, you can perform this action by pressing one button on the watering.

Honeywell Home App

Honeywell is one of the best electronic home appliance companies. Recently, the company decided to improve the use of their products and developed a mobile application that allows you to control equipment remotely.

The most popular products from Honeywell include humidifiers, thermostats, cameras, etc. By switching to Honeywell appliances, you can make your life much easier because the devices are easily connected to the Honeywell Home app, where you can perform any household tasks.

For example, you will be given access to the settings of every Honeywell device in your home. Also, if you wish, the system will turn on and off thermostats, humidifiers, doorbells, etc. Another advantage of the Honeywell Home app is the presence of notifications about activities in the house. Thus, you will control the entire house through one app.

Ecobee App

Ecobee is an indispensable app for your smart home that adapts and evolves based on your preferences and needs. In other words, the platform provides comfort and peace of mind when you are in the house. To use the app, you need to follow two simple steps: download the Ecobee app to your Android or iPhone and create an account.

Of the extensive features of Ecobee, we have highlighted only a few interesting ones. With this app, you can track every activity in your home. Also, you can control entryways, windows, drawers, and cabinets with intelligent alerts. When the platform detects spontaneous activity, you will be alerted and get a clear view of your home through SmartCamera.

 MyQ Garage & Access Control App

MyQ Garage & Access Control App is a system that helps you manage and control your garage door or lighting regardless of your location. This is one of the few apps that notifies you of any activity in the garage in real-time.

Exciting features of MyQ Garage include setting up a schedule and sharing the app with family members. This means you can automatically set the garage door open or close time, schedule the lights to turn on and off automatically and share the app with your family. In this way, you will never forget to close your garage and significantly increase the security of your home.

Nest App

Nest App is excellent for those who want to protect their property using smartphones. The Nest App was developed by Google and is designed to protect your home from the inside. The system focuses on delivering updates from every corner of your home to you.

The platform integrates with home appliances such as smart cameras, doorbells, alarms, and smoke detectors. The system helps you stay alert about what’s happening in your home while you’re away.


The development of apps for automating household processes is progressing every day. The competition is getting tougher every year as more advanced innovative products emerge. Shortly, the intelligent home app market will grow. 2022 is an ideal opportunity to install the above apps because their demand will increase in the future, and the price of services will rise accordingly. The faster you act, the safer and more convenient your home becomes!



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