Best Presents Under The Christmas Tree: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

The holiday season is almost here! Have you wrapped your gifts yet?  This is the season where we show how much we care for our loved ones by gift-giving. Some people don’t care about splurging a little extra cash for gifts while some choose to be more creative and save a few pennies. Regardless of however you give, it’s still the thought that counts.

One of the toughest individuals to give presents are men. Unlike women and children where you can easily choose the best clothes and shoes, men are a bit more specific with their likes and dislikes. In this article, we will give you some of the best holiday gift ideas for your husbands, brothers, and fathers.

1. Luxury Watch

It’s a classic. Every man is attracted to classic luxury watches. You can choose from a variety of great brands and models such as Rolex Submariner, Grand Seiko Spring Drive, TAG Heuer Aquaracer, and more. A watch is a symbol of elegance that will complete their daily outfit. After all, nothing beats more than the gift of time.

2. Designer Belts and Wallets

If clothes and shoes are a bit tricky to give as a gift, you can never go wrong with belts and wallets. Men love to have a collection of belts, even if it somehow looks the same in our eyes. Just like in watches, their belts should also complement their attire. Hence, it works to give them an additional piece for their closet. Wallets, on the other hand, are an excellent choice, too. It’s something that they use every day which will remind them of you.

3. Sports or Gym Equipment

For athletic men, you can give them a piece of sports or gym equipment. Of course, if you don’t have a budget to buy those really enormous machines, you can always choose small items such as rackets, balls, dumbbell sets, or small training benches.

4. Personalized Liquor Glass

After a long day at work, men usually relax with a glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer. To add to the ambiance, you can consider buying them personalized liquor glasses. If you will search online, you will see some companies that can print names and quotes on any item. 

5. Tech Gadgets

It can be a headset, a phone holder, a car charger, or even a new smartphone. Any tech gadget has a certain appeal to men. However, this does not end in belongings. You can also consider buying other items such as a home stereo, a really nice speaker, or even woodshop equipment. 

6. Board and Bar Games

If you are thinking of a gift for your bachelor brother, consider some board and bar games. It’s something that they can use in their own pad for parties and gatherings. Some board and bar games that you can consider are chess, darts, foosball, and billiards.

7. Stylish Caps

One of the best gifts to young men, as well, is stylish baseball caps. Somehow, it has become a fashion statement for them to wear caps daily. Some sports caps can be bought online while you can also consider walking to a store to see more options. The key to giving caps is to know the personality of your recipient. You don’t want to give them a different team than they prefer, right?

8. Outdoor Grill

For afternoon barbecues or weekend getaways, some men loved to be in charge of cooking. An outdoor grill is one of the best gifts for fathers and family men. In that way, you are not just giving the gift to them but also their families for a chance to spend some time bonding together.

9. Functional Bags

If you think that men don’t like bags, you’re wrong. Let’s just say that they have specific requirements for their bags. Unlike women where we usually pick stylish and designer bags, men want their bags to be high-functional and highly durable. It’s just a matter of picking which bags would fit the person’s activities.

10. Swiss Knife or Multi-function tools

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a Swiss Knife or other multi-function tools. Men like to collect tools that they can use when they need to suddenly repair something. As the obvious handyman in the house, they want to have a single item that can do most of the job. 

Start shopping for the holidays!

Have you picked yours yet? It may sound like men are a bit complicated as a gift recipient, but if you know more about them, it’s easier for you to choose the appropriate gift that they will surely appreciate.

Although Christmas is just a few clicks away, you should not rush in choosing the gift for your male loved ones. For more ideas, you can check out


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