Best movies to watch for this Christmas: Love without romance

Love Actually:

This movie based on the theme of Christmas, steals the attention amidst audience with its beautiful screenplay and actions. The highlighting aspect of this movie is the introductory scene with the voiceover of David. The movie explores the myriad patterns of love. And it also hints a message that all those people who left their breath on 9/11 was the message of love.

White Christmas:

Directed by Michael Curtiz, this musical comedy is a perfect visual treat for the family audience. The movie still remains young since its release in 1954. The songs just give you a divinely feeling. It’s a must watch movie.

While You Were Sleeping:

Unlike other movies, the plot of this movie is unusual yet it does not fail to entertain its vast audience. The film stars Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher. The title itself grabs the people’ curiosity. The story follows the heroine saving the life of a commuter and she is thought to be the fiancée of him. 

Happiest Season:

The film charts the life of a lesbian couple namely Abby Holland and Harper Caldwell. When Caldwell takes Abby to her home for that Christmas, she asks her to pretend as if she is just a roommate of her. The maker of this film Clea DuVall mentioned that the movie had its origin from his own personal life.

The Holiday Calendar:

Vampire Diaries, fame Kat Graham is playing the role of a photographer, whose life meets struggle and obstacles. From her grandfather she gets a magical advent calendar which then plays many fun filled and interesting things. She finds out very engrossing when the calendar predicts her upcoming romance. The other major stars are Qunicy Brown, Ron Cephas Jones and Ethan Peck.

Last Christmas:

The outline of the story is that Kate works as an elf in one of those Christmas shop. She feels very much unfulfilled in her life and nothing seems to be good for her. And this is when Tom enters her life and thereafter begins their stunning chemistry.

Christmas Inheritance:

Ellen Langford, gets struck in a town due to the snowstorm and she is put into a circumstance where she has to work for the sustainment of her life. And there begins her romantic story.

And the other films in the list are “The Preacher’s Life” “The Best Man Holiday” “Christmas in the smokies” and “The Knight Before Christmas”

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