Best iPhone 12 Mini cases: Gives your Mini a perfect outer protection

You might have faced this at least once when your phone mistakenly slips out from the pocket. The first thing comes in your mind while picking it up is that there should be no external or internal damage. 

This could be a quite sensible case when it’s an iPhone 12 mini with sleek and slippery grip outer design. Here comes an arguably important matter to put it in a protective and high gripped case. Especially if your phone is not with an AppleCare or any insurance. 

With deep analysis and customer reviews, we have listed out some of the very best cases out of hundreds of available choices. It’s quite a difficult task to find out these cases with win-win performance in every aspect.  

Honestly, we haven’t tested all these iPhone 12 mini cases, but all we have listed are customers first choice and best in all aspects. Moreover, our complete analysis is based on experts’ opinion and knowledge in most reputable brands so far we have. 

Our expert choice is made in account with the following overview s- 

  • Product capability
  • Online reviews
  • Brand reputation
  • Unique features

So, here is the list of cases arranged in rank order-

1. Apple Silicone Case with Magsafe

  • Great choice of colour. 
  • A number of additional accessories. 
  • Expensive, when added up with attachments.

2. OtterBox Figura for iPhone 12 mini

  • Gorgeous designer with two-tone. 
  • MagSafe compatible.
  • Ultraslim sleek design, that means this cover survive through steeper drops if happen. 

3. Mous Limitless 3.0- 

  • A perfect design that looks holding the mini with no space in between. 
  • Absorb the impact of hit easily. 
  • Variety of colours not available. 

4. Mujjo Complete leather wallet case-

  • The case made up of brilliant and strong premium leather.
  • Integrated wallet. 
  • Leather won’t give it a shock-absorbing feature when going through hardest falls. 

5. Emma Pebble Crossbody Bandolier-

  • Strap with a Crossbody design. 
  • Sealable cover with Integrated wallet.
  • No screen protection, or to say only back protector. 

6. Spigen Case Slim Armor- 

  • Utilitarian Design with a rough and gripped surface. 
  • Included with Kickstand. 
  • Long-term protection can be seen in this slim cover. 

These are our best picks among the hundreds of available choices, comment below which one you found the best and why. 


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