The Best Game Controllers For Smartphones

It has never been simpler to play games on your phone or tablet than it is right now. These days, there’s a game for everyone, from casual puzzles to tower defense games to competitive shooters. Ports of popular PC and console games are becoming more prevalent, as the latest smartphones can run demanding, graphically appealing titles; nevertheless, they are not always enjoyable to play with touchscreen controls. To play this game on your phone or tablet, you’ll need a best Game Controllers.

Overall, The Greatest Controller Is 8BitDo Pro 2

This is the greatest mobile controller for most people because of its unique capabilities, retro design, and inexpensive pricing. Normally, the D-pad on phone controllers is a letdown, but not this time. The analog sticks respond well, and the buttons are easy to push.

Overall, The Greatest Controller Is 8BitDo Pro 2
Overall, The Greatest Controller Is 8BitDo Pro 2

People Who Use Their iPhones To Play Games


The Backbone One is a lot of fun to play. You’re ready to play once you’ve connected the Lightning cord to your iPhone. The buttons and bumpers have a nice clicky feel to them, and the response times are lightning-fast fast.

There is broad support for PS Remote Play, Xbox Remote Play, and Steam Link, as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Google Stadia, and GeForce Now. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Google Stadia are all well supported.

Those Who Enjoy Playing Video Games On Their PCs

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

If you frequently switch between playing games on your Android phone and your computer or laptop. The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is excellent for you. It looks like an Xbox Wireless Controller. It comes with symmetrical thumbsticks and an excessively mushy D-Pad offset to the upper left.

The Stratus Duo’s most appealing feature, aside from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, is that it can be used with both an Android phone and a PC at the same time. A little dongle that plugs into your PC supports 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi. To utilize the flexible bracket for mobile gaming, you must purchase an extra $10 SmartGrip ($10), which is required to keep your phone in place.

With The Xbox Remote Play Feature

PowerA  MogaXP-5 X

Because it looks and feels exactly like the official Xbox model, right down to the Xbox button in the center, this controller is ideal for Xbox Remote Play. Despite being somewhat lighter, it retains the same robust standard Xbox buttons, a set of gripping thumbsticks, and various programmable buttons on the back. The only things that could be improved are the mushy D-pad and the lack of haptics. This clip has a unique design with two adjustable joints and a cradle that expands to fit most smartphones. It even features forked prongs that are so little that they won’t interfere with the power or volume buttons on your phone. To connect to your phone, you can use Bluetooth or a cable connection.

Gamers Who Use Android phones And tablets

GameSir X2

Small and power-efficient, this Nintendo Switch-inspired controller is perfect for taking gaming on the go. In its rubbery embrace, it can fit almost any Android phone up to 6.8 inches long and 0.39 inches thick (it can even hold a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3). Although the textured portions are simple to grasp and there are lots of joysticks, a D-pad, and buttons, the shoulder triggers are basic. The USB-C interface ensures seamless gameplay and lowers latency by a factor of two when compared to Bluetooth controllers.

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