5 Best Free Fire Collaboration Skins Released In 2021

Collaboration is one of the main ways Garena adds skins through various top-up events and faded wheel. In 2021 too Garena had added with a decent number of the collab. In this post, we are going to showcase to you the top 5 best free fire collaboration skins in 2021.

1. McLaren Car skin

This car skin is part of the Garena free fire x McLaren event in July. In the game, the iconic Mclaren P1  launched. The colour of the car is Orange And black. This skin is fairly expensive but the players are seemed to be super excited. Overall the skin was the best among all others. 

2. One Punch Man (M1887)

One Man punch m1887 was the first collaboration in 2021. This skin is probably the best short gun skin in the game Garena introduced. It is well designed And the whole body of the gun is covered with red and yellow because the One punch man’s outfit colour is also the same. In this event, the players were able to unlock this by exchanging tokens.

McLaren Car skin

3. Cobra Mp40 Skin 

Cobra mp40 was the latest gun skin of mp40. The attributes of the gun skin are the double rate of fire single damage less distance. This skin is Evo skin. but to enjoy the main attributes the players need to upgrade to level 7. After upgrading the skin player also get a emote along with this. According to the YouTubers players loved this skin a lot.

4. Demon Slayer Bundles

Demon slayer is an anime franchise based in Thailand. This collab had brought a lot of exciting prizes to the players of the server which include hoodies weapon voucher, A Male bundle, And One female bundle .two new characters had also introduced at that time.

5. Furinkazan AWM 

In the first week of July Garena collaborated with the street fighter .which give the player the awesome sniper skin the furinkazan. The skin is combined with plenty of colors.

In this too users need to upgrade the skin to enjoy the real attributes of the skin. The event was a faded wheel of the skin introduced by Garena. 

So these were the best 5 collaborations of Garena in the year 2021. We hope you liked the update. Let us know your opinions on this topic.

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