Best Electric Bike You Can Buy Right Now

Modern life is speckled with moments of discovery around mobility. With that being said, the craze of Electric Bike has no limits.

The statistics suggest that even in the pandemic, e-bike sales boosted to 145% from 2019 to 2020. 

And the fun part of the story is that the growth in sales does not seem to be breaking.

Considering the same, if you are also planning to gift yourself an E-bike for experiencing favorite trails of mountain ride, then don’t skip the read.


1.     MTB EBike – LESOOS FatSky Pro

Best Electric Bike: MTB EBike LESOOS FatSky Pro
Best Electric Bike: MTB EBike LESOOS FatSky Pro

Description: It is a mountain electric bike equipped with a high-speed brushless motor of 500W. The motor provides enough power for daily commuting, traveling on weekends, and mountain rides. Reach your destination conveniently by riding the E-bike at the speed of 15 mph. 

Purpose:  The powerful motor of the MTB Ebike makes it easy for the rider to travel around the city, go for their favorite riding trails and mountain riding. 


  • 26*4.0 tires are lightweight, fast, durable, and adaptable. 
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Multifunctional display of speed and battery
  • Rear Car Shock Absorption


  • The direct-drive motor is 500W.
  • 3 working modes are available, and the 7 speed Shimano. 
  • It consists of a 48V 10.4Ah removable lithium battery. 
  • Double shock absorber technology is available on the bike.  

2. Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – Lesoos FatSky

 Best Electric Bike: Folding Fat Lesoos Ebike
Best Electric Bike: Folding Fat Lesoos Ebike

Description:  Lesoos FatSky electric combines durable and rugged functions available with excellent comfort and at affordable prices. It is equipped with 4” fat tires with a powerful motor of the capacity of 500W. The battery capacity is 12.5A gives the maximum mileage of 50K km/h. 

Purpose: The LesoosFatSky electric bike is suitable for roaming around the city to do daily work. You can plan the off-road trips by riding the E-bike. 


  • Electric Horn Installed 
  • 500 W brushless gear motor
  • The multifunctional display is of speed, battery, odometer, and wattmeter.
  • Max load: 330 lbs 


  • 48V 12.5Ah removable lithium battery
  • Folding design is of the E-bike
  • Fat tires are suitable to ride the bike on all terrains 
  • Ride the bike 37 miles pure electric and 50 miles on pedal riding 
  • Double shock absorber technology used in it

3.     Armygreen Design Ebike – LESOOS Hisky

 Best Electric Bike Lesoos Hisky Ebike
Best Electric Bike Lesoos Hisky Ebike

Description: Lesoos understands the user requirements while designing the electric bikes for them. ArmyGreen motorcycle comes with a unique appearance design, high-end configuration, green color, alloy temperament, and symbolizes the military temperament. 

Purpose: The brand new cruising electric bike symbolizes the military temperament while riding it on different terrains. The lightweight and fast bicycle tires are suitable for traveling the bike on long routes. 


  • Direct Drive Motor: 350W
  • Removable lithium battery: 48V 10.4Ah
  • Maximum speed: 15 mph
  • 27*1.93 tires fast and lightweight bicycle tires. 


  • Direct Drive Hub Motor is 350W. 
  • 48V 10.4Ah removable lithium battery
  • Ride the bike electrically upto 25 miles by pedaling upto 35 miles range. 
  • 3 working modes are available in it with the Shimano 7 speed. 
  • Double shock absorber technology

4.     Electric Cruiser Bike – LesoosArcSky 

Best Electric Bike :Electric Cruiser Bike – LesoosArcSky
Best Electric Bike :Electric Cruiser Bike – LesoosArcSky

Description: The Lesoos ArcSky bike won’t disappoint you while taking it for long rides in any road condition. It is the classiest and durable E-bike equipped with a 48V/10Ah (360Wh) battery. It ensures the long charging life for the excellent street riding performance of the electric cruiser bike.

Purpose: Lesoos ArcSky E-bike comes with an extended charging life. Therefore, it gives excellent performance when taking the bike for long travel rides. 


  • 350 watts brushless motor provides tremendous torque
  • The backlit includes information such as speed, battery, odometer, and power
  • Dual LED circle light
  • Brake system 
  • Integrated rack system to carry the stuff along with you
  • Ricky Foot Pedal dismantle it while not in use
  • 3 level pedal modes available in electric and manual modes


  • The type of low-level frame design is the electric bike. 
  • Brushless motor capacity 350W
  • Removable lithium battery 48V 10Ah
  • Ride the bike purely on electric charge upto 20 miles and 40 miles on pedal
  • Working modes 3
  • 7 Shimano speed


These are the most refined electric bikes. Moreover, these are designed to give you the most pleasing riding experience. You can ride electric bikes on any road terrain and use them conveniently for your routine work. Lesoos electric bikes come with a removable lithium battery, brushless motor, and 3 levels of working modes. 


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