25 Best Board Games For Adults Ranked

Are you aware that adult board games exist? And there are far too many board games in which grownups may polish their skills while also having fun.

Here are some of the most enjoyable adult board games.


Chess as a game has been the most popular board game among adults. This game has been around for a very long time and one of the best parts of this game is the innumerable outcomes that can be played and replayed. 

Misery Index

‘Sh** Happens’ was the previous name for this fun game. There are 200 cards in this game that depict terrible circumstances, and there are three rounds in all. A team of experts assessed each horrible incident on a scale of one to one hundred, based on physical agony, emotional trauma, and long-term psychological damage.

25 Best Board Games
25 Best Board Games


Players must guess the term that your team members describe by acting or hints/clues in this fun game. For instance, the word to use is ‘shipwreck’. You may suggest anything like ‘Robinson Crusoe’ or ‘you will win if this happens.’ The key task for the players is to discover the best way to describe and explain the desired word to the other player.


Does deduction, evidence and clues excite you? This game will surely take you on a ride. This mystery game requires the players to deduce the other player’s evidence with the clues provided. Fun, right?

Ticket to Ride

Players gather and play train cards to claim train routes on the map in this thrilling railway-themed game. Whoever builds the longest continuous railway, as well as whether or not the player can connect distant cities using ticket cards, earns points.


Players take turns stacking one piece on top of three supporting pieces or placing triangular-shaped pieces of their color on the remaining empty spots on the board. The players can only stack one of the three supporting pieces. The player who is the last to place a piece win.


Are you a fan of trivia questions? Well, this game will surely get you riled up.

In this, players take turns reading a trivia question from one of five categories in “Balderdash,” which include Weird Words, Peculiar People, Incredible Initials, Marvelous Movies, and Laughable Laws.

Monopoly cheater’s edition

Monopoly Cheater’s Edition game is a fun game which allows the players to cheat. Five Cheat cards are shown in the center of the board from a deck of Cheat cards. These cards encourage you to steal money from other players, overcharge for rent, and even relocate another player’s piece instead of your own.

Two rooms and a Boom

This entertaining game can be classified as a rescue game, with players separated into two blue and red teams.

The president is on the blue team, whereas the bomber is on the red squad.

If the player who receives the president card ends up on the red team at the end of the game, the red team wins; if the person receives the president card on the blue team, the blue team wins.

25 Best Board Games
25 Best Board Games

Captain Sonar

Players are grouped into two teams of four in this entertaining game for eight players.The main purpose is to play a real-time game with two submarine crews fighting, competing, and sinking the opponents’ ships.


In this game of wits, the player has to make the team member say the secret word and instead point out the icons in the board game to narrow it down to the desired word.  

Relative insanity

Relative insanity is a hilarious game consisting of two decks- setup cards and punchline cards. Each setup card is designed as a joke and the punchline card player has to offer punchlines for the setup. The points go to the team who the judge finds the funniest. 


The outstanding graphics design of this game makes it impressive and playing this game is no less a reenactment of World War 1.


Fantasy! Fairytales and all types of imagination! 

This game is all about that and guessing which card belongs to who. It presents you cards of surreal illustration and sparks your imagination.

Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard is a game in which you compete with your friends and adversaries to complete a lousy three-panel comic using a deck of cards with millions of different combinations.


The goal of this colorful game is to arrange bright, translucent dice in a grid arrangement to create a stained-glass window. To make matters more difficult, you must never let two dice of the same color or number come into contact.


“Coup” is a tough game to say the least. Each of the five characters has three copies in the deck (the duke, the assassin, the contessa, the captain, and the ambassador). Each of the characters has a distinct special ability. This game is worth playing just for the amazing character illustrations.

Forbidden Island

Players compete against the game itself in this game. Each game’s board, which is made up of 24 wonderfully drawn island tiles, is unique and gets smaller as the game progresses. Your team’s goal is to move around the board and gather matching treasure cards in order to claim all four treasures (represented by four beautiful figurines) on the island, but you must do so before the entire island “sinks.”


Are you good at drawing? Here is your chance! There will be a prompt and you have to draw accordingly and pass on to others without revealing the prompt and the end is usually that final drawing does not look like the original. 

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Guess and find the werewolf. This is another card guess game where two of the players are werewolves and the rest villagers with special abilities. The players have to look out for the werewolves and keep the villagers safe!

Betrayal at House on the Hill

This game is divided into two acts namely Act 1 and Act 2. Act 1 is relatively easy with the players assuming the 12 characters and starting exploring the haunted house. Once, the player withdraws omen cards, the act 2 begins.

In act 2, players start to face 50 possible scenarios, and also find the traitor in the game.

The New Yorker: The Cartoon Caption Game

This is relatively similar to Relative Insanity in the presence of a judge and his/her role. The difference is that the judge shows a picture and the players have to write possible lines or a conversation that can happen within the picture. 


It is an abstract game for two to four players where they try to fill in the board with their pieces. The player wins with the most occupying blocks on the board.


This thriller game is associated with helping the team members with identifying their code names which is divided into two teams. They also have to keep a lookout so that they do not end up in a team with assassins.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

Are you one of those heroic spirit people with great dreams of saving people and destroying evil? This game is about stopping the four pandemics and trying to help people. It is in sequel mode that is how well you do in the previous game will carry forward to the next or future game.

These were some of many board games for adults. So, which game are you going to play today?

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