Garnered the attention of many fans and viewers. The intel on the Beecham House updates is a little sad for the fans as it’s been officially confirmed that there are no plans for season 2 renewal. 

The movie rated 6.7 by IMDb has been on the anticipated list of renewal for many fans who got thrilled seeing the season 1 of Beecham House. But, most of the fans still hope that there will be a renewal in the future with another gripping tale of Beecham House. 


Gurinder Chadha, the filmmaker of Bend, Beckham Bride & Prejudice, wrote Beecham House. The series is set in Delhi prior to British rule and portrays the daily lifestyle of the Peacham family in their recently purchased home. John Meacham, a former East India Company soldier, is determined to establish his safe haven.

All the characters in the television show have been beautifully presented in order to appeal to a worldwide audience. This online series has several well-known Indian performers, such as Lara Dutta, Tisca Chopra, Shriya Pilgaonkar, and Arunoday Singh.

Release date updates

The climax and the finale of season 1 of Beecham House were left in a cliff-hanging moment because many fans were anticipating season 2. Unfortunately, the coming update will surely crash all the hopes you all have gathered for the release of season 2. 

An official announcement was made stating the confirmation of no season 2 as the creators themselves have no plans for a new plot and production. 

The Beecham House cast 

The actors and actresses of this show have received attention for their amazing performances and acting. As you already know how important cast members are important for the success of a show/drama/movie. Let us look into the cast members of season 1 who might be part of season 2 if Beecham House is renewed for a second season in the future.

  • Begum Samru is played by Lara Dutta.
  • Daniel Beecham is played by Leo Suter.
  • Margaret Osborne is played by Dakota Blue Richards.
  • Benoît Castillon is played by Grégory Fitoussi.
  • Chandrika is played by Pallavi Sharda.
  • Violet Woodhouse is played by Bessie Carter.
  • Murad Beg is played by Adil Ray.
  • Baadal is played by Viveik Kalra.
  • Mool Chand is played by Kulvinder Ghi.
  • Bindu is played by Goldy Notay.
  • Chanchal is played by Shriya Pilgaonkar.
  • Ram Lal is played by Amer Chadha-Patel.
  • Maya is played by Trupti Khamkar.
  • Shah Alam II is played by Roshan Seth.
  • Samuel Parker is played by Marc Warren.

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Trailer updates

As mentioned previously in the above updates, there are no plans for renewal and it has been confirmed. As there are no plans for production then trailers would also not be made and released. But we all hope that this show gives a good closure before coming to an end. 

There is still hope that this series might be taken for renewal in the future. But, what plot do you think there will be if a season 2 is made? Write to us with all your interesting plots!!

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