Beckett (2021): Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and other details

Netflix is coming with its new thriller named “Beckett”. It is gonna be an incredibly intense and action movie. It revolves around a man whose romantic trip to Greece ends up terrible. Let’s see what we have about the movie.  


The plot sounds fun and viewers are already longing for the movie. They are eagerly loitering for the movie to roll out. And hence, the makers of the movie and Netflix have decided to launch the movie on 13th August 2021.

So be ready people, we’re gonna see some classic action very soon. 

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The makers of the show have already announced the cast of the show. They are as follows: 

  • Alicia Vikander acts as Beckett’s girlfriend April.
  • Vicky Krieps plays the role of Lena.
  • Boyd Holbrook playing as Tynan, he’s employed at the American embassy based in Greece. 
  • John David Washington functioning as Beckett. 


The Couple sets out on a romantic vacation to Greece, to enjoy and have fun among themselves. However, unfortunately, their romantic vacation is altered as the couple gets involved in a disastrous car accident. Furthermore, Beckett becomes a victim of a national search. As he tries to explain everything to the cops, however, they don’t believe him and reckon that Beckett is making it all up. 

Beckett decides to deliver this information to American Embassy based in Athens so that he could get out of the country safely. Beckett is portrayed as a simple person. 

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Netflix has already disclosed the trailer of the movie “Beckett” on Youtube. You could go and watch the same on YouTube. Or else click here to watch it right away. 

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet go and check it out. The trailer seems awesome. 


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