There is a new scam in the market which is spreading through dating apps in India. A lot of users have appeared to be on online dating sites and looking for dates. The scammers have taken this as an opportunity to make the users fools and get him into a fake investment scheme.

The dating scams are increasing so rapidly that Interpol has issued a notice to 194 countries to make them aware about those scammers with their techniques of persuading the user into a fraudulent investment.

The scammers are taking advantage of people as they look for dates on dating apps and sites. The scammers try to fraud them in sophisticated fraudulent investment schemes.

The number has reached 4 million scams in the last year, as per the reports of Arkose Labs.


New users generally sign up at dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc where the fraudsters have already made a fraud account. After they sign up for the app and start swiping right and it matches with a spammer’s account, the spammers start chatting with the user like a normal date and then slowly shares some investment tips and slowly they try to get the user ready to join a scheme.

The scammers also try to lure people to download a fake trading app through which they try to steal the user’s money by making them sign up for trading in the stock market. They just try to sell some financial products to the user by telling them about their fake investment chain. They do all those fake things on the dating app itself where they met.

They also have fraud features like Gold and premium memberships where the user will get premium features if he invests more. The user gets into such frauds and invests more money and gets cheated in the end.

The scammers play very smartly with the fake schemes. They try every possible move to make users believe that it is a legitimate investment scheme, they show screenshots of users getting paid, they even have some fake domains and a fake customer service agent who pretends to be a market advisor. It just takes as long as the user adds money in the account and the scammers remove him from the dating app.

So, guys, before you meet someone like that on a dating site trying to get you into some investment scheme, please don’t ever trust his words and immediately remove him from the match list. By the way, have you ever experienced such fake spammers on a dating app?


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