“Batman”: Bruce Wayne Makes a Bold Costume Choice for His Most Personal Battles

Batman has had countless encounters with Gotham’s villains however with regards to his most personal fights, Bruce likes to dress down. 

Batman is famous for his costume: the iconic dark and gray suit with the Bat-symbol across his chest.

Against Ghostmaker

In the latest issue of Batman, Bruce is gone up against with an old companion turned-rival, Ghost-Maker. Ghost-Maker has been attempting to show Bruce the mistake of his methods. The two had evidently been close friends when Bruce first set off on his excursion to turning out to be Batman, just for their relationship to sour when Bruce enlightened him regarding his reasons for needing to battle. 

In Ghost-Maker’s eyes, Bruce hasn’t satisfied his potential because he’s still clutching the dreams like a kid and believes that criminals can actually change. For instance, Ghost-Maker uses the way that Bruce hasn’t yet put down the youthful casualty turned-vigilante, Clownhunter against him. He sets moving for Bruce, strapped to a metal table. All because Bruce trusted Clownhunter was equipped for figuring out how to relinquish his unworthiness. 

Against Clownhunter

Be that as it may, things actually work out in support of Bruce, as Clownhunter is at last allowed to execute Harley, and walks away. Before Bruce has the occasion to return his shirt on, he and Ghost-Maker battle, with his mask being the lone remainder left of his Batsuit, with the two calling a tie. Ghost-Maker and Bruce make harmony, yet Ghost-Maker agrees to stay in Gotham for now as an ally to the Bat-family. Although, he is insistent that he won’t be wearing any Bat-symbol. 

Watch the origin of clownhunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krGTYcVE268

Against Ra’as Ghul

Ra’s would proceed to be one of Batman’s most suffering and personal rogues and the central antagonist of numerous famous Batman stories. He has even, on occasion, been an ally to the Dark Knight. Ra’s’ little girl, Talia, got one of Bruce’s incredible loves and he is the grandfather of Bruce’s own son, Damian, who is the current Robin. 

It’s difficult to accept the coincidental similarities between both the fights. Thusly, the message might be that there are plans for Ghost-Maker to become as personal and as central to Batman’s reality as Ra’s al Ghul has demonstrated himself to be.

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